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Published Dashboards

APC PDU 7xxxby tumak

Downloads: 180|Reviews: 2|uploaded on April 26, 2021|
Displays monitoring data collected from APC power strips (PDU) via SNMP.
APC PDU 7xxx

Pi-hole UIby tumak

Downloads: 381|Reviews: 0|uploaded on May 21, 2021
Watch either a single Pi-hole system or combine the statics of several in a single pane.
Pi-hole UI

Synology NAS Detailsby tumak

Downloads: 1280|Reviews: 8|uploaded on April 21, 2021|
The Synology NAS Details dashboard provides detailed information as to the operational status of...
Synology NAS Details

Synology NAS Overviewby tumak

Downloads: 397|Reviews: 1|uploaded on May 5, 2021|
The Synology NAS Overview dashboard gives an overall glance at multiple Synology NAS systems and...
Synology NAS Overview