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Published Dashboards

Big & Pretty Stats Dashboardby openworklabbot

Downloads: 13|Reviews: 0|uploaded on April 15, 2024
Big & Pretty Stats Dashboard

Disk Usage Statsby openworklabbot

Downloads: 54|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 23, 2024
Disk usage stats for lotus host machines
Disk Usage Stats

Filecoin API Methods Statisticsby openworklabbot

Downloads: 3|Reviews: 0|uploaded on June 17, 2024
Average request execution time by method
Filecoin API Methods Statistics

Kong (official 2)by openworklabbot

Downloads: 132|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 26, 2022
Dashboard that graphs metrics exported via Prometheus plugin in Kong (
Kong (official 2)

Kubernetes Persistent Volumesby openworklabbot

Downloads: 755|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 30, 2022
Custom enhancement of k8s default dashboard for pvc monitoring.
Kubernetes Persistent Volumes