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Published Dashboards

JVM Overview - Prometheusby Jungyoul Yu

Downloads: 1098|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 8, 2020

Dashboard for JVM metrics with Prometheus / JMX Exporter

JVM Overview - Prometheus

Kubernetes Cluster - Prometheusby Jungyoul Yu

Downloads: 3470|Reviews: 0|uploaded on February 15, 2019

Dashboard for Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus.

Kubernetes Cluster - Prometheus

Kubernetes DaemonSet - Prometheusby Jungyoul Yu

Downloads: 52|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 9, 2021

Dashboard for Kubernetes DaemonSet with Prometheus.

Kubernetes DaemonSet - Prometheus

Kubernetes Deployment - Prometheusby Jungyoul Yu

Downloads: 12432|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 16, 2019

Dashboard for Kubernetes Deployment with Prometheus.

Kubernetes Deployment - Prometheus

NGINX Ingress controllerby Jungyoul Yu

Downloads: 474|Reviews: 0|uploaded on March 13, 2019

NGINX Ingress controller