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Published Dashboards

Cluster Autoscaler Statsby mohsen0

Downloads: 43188|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 10, 2020

Super simple dashboard showing an overview of Kubernetes cluster autoscaling activity and status,...

Cluster Autoscaler Stats

JVM dashboardby mohsen0

Downloads: 2884|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 11, 2019

Complete dashboard using metrics from Prometheus JMX exporter, with drill down based on JMX...

JVM dashboard

NGINX Ingress controllerby mohsen0

Downloads: 176|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 16, 2020

Ingress-nginx supports a rich collection of prometheus metrics. If you have prometheus and...

NGINX Ingress controller

Redis Dashboard for Prometheus Redis Exporter 1.xby mohsen0

Downloads: 6663|Reviews: 0|uploaded on February 4, 2020

Redis Dashboard for Prometheus Redis Exporter 1.x, it works with multiple Prometheus instances...

Redis Dashboard for Prometheus Redis Exporter 1.x