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Published Dashboards

Application Metricsby jmaltes

Downloads: 338|Reviews: 0|uploaded on June 8, 2019

Custom application metrics.

Application Metrics

JBoss Jmx - Custom by jmaltes

Downloads: 392|Reviews: 0|uploaded on June 8, 2019

Dashboard for monitoring JBoss 6

JBoss Jmx - Custom

Node Exporter Full - Customby jmaltes

Downloads: 200|Reviews: 1|uploaded on June 8, 2019|

This dashboard is a custom version of the Node Exporter Full dashboard.

Node Exporter Full - Custom

PostgreSQL Statsby jmaltes

Downloads: 1682|Reviews: 1|uploaded on June 8, 2019|

This is a custom dashboard for PG Stats

PostgreSQL Stats

Prometheus 2.0 by jmaltes

Downloads: 651|Reviews: 1|uploaded on June 8, 2019|

Overview of metrics from Prometheus 2.0. Useful for using prometheus to monitor your...

Prometheus 2.0