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Istio Control Plane Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 21897655|Reviews: 6|uploaded on August 23, 2018|
Istio Control Plane Dashboard version 1.18.0-rc.0
Istio Control Plane Dashboard

Istio Galley Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 40016|Reviews: 1|uploaded on August 23, 2018|
Istio Galley Dashboard version 1.6.0-alpha.0
Istio Galley Dashboard

Istio Mesh Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 18707186|Reviews: 2|uploaded on August 23, 2018|
Istio Mesh Dashboard version 1.18.0-rc.0
Istio Mesh Dashboard

Istio Mixer Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 72571|Reviews: 0|uploaded on August 23, 2018
Istio Mixer Dashboard version 1.7.8
Istio Mixer Dashboard

Istio Performance Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 14379734|Reviews: 0|uploaded on February 28, 2020
Istio Performance Dashboard version 1.18.0-rc.0
Istio Performance Dashboard

Istio Service Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 21386573|Reviews: 2|uploaded on August 23, 2018|
Istio Service Dashboard version 1.18.0-rc.0
Istio Service Dashboard

Istio Wasm Extension Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 890361|Reviews: 1|uploaded on October 26, 2020|
Istio Wasm Extension Dashboard version 1.18.0-rc.0
Istio Wasm Extension Dashboard

Istio Workload Dashboardby istio

Downloads: 19717081|Reviews: 1|uploaded on August 23, 2018|
Istio Workload Dashboard version 1.18.0-rc.0
Istio Workload Dashboard