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Published Dashboards

Cisco Nexus 7000by labmonkeys

Downloads: 714|Reviews: 0|uploaded on April 13, 2018

Cisco Nexus 7000
OpenNMS Performance

Linux Server Heatmapby labmonkeys

Downloads: 142|Reviews: 0|uploaded on March 18, 2020

Heatmap for Linux server based on SNMP collected with OpenNMS. The heatmap uses Load 5 min....

Linux Server Heatmap
OpenNMS Flow, OpenNMS Performance
Other Sensorby labmonkeys

Downloads: 64|Reviews: 0|uploaded on December 10, 2018

OpenNMS dashboard for Sensors Sensor
OpenNMS Performance

OpenNMS Cassandra Performance Dashboardby labmonkeys

Downloads: 101|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 23, 2018

Generic Cassandra statistics collected with OpenNMS Horizon/Meridian using JMX data collection.

OpenNMS Cassandra Performance Dashboard
OpenNMS Performance

OpenNMS Java 8 CPU Dashboardby labmonkeys

Downloads: 303|Reviews: 1|uploaded on December 18, 2017|

Java Virtual Machine CPU metrics monitored by OpenNMS

OpenNMS Java 8 CPU Dashboard
OpenNMS Performance