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Published Dashboards

Apollo GraphQL Metricsby adinhodovic

Downloads: 41|Reviews: 0|uploaded on April 30, 2022

Apollo GraphQL metrics. Mutations/errors/operations.

Apollo GraphQL Metrics

Blackbox Exporterby adinhodovic

Downloads: 518|Reviews: 1|uploaded on April 17, 2022|

A dashboard that monitors the Blackbox-exporter.

Blackbox Exporter

Borg Backupsby adinhodovic

Downloads: 8|Reviews: 0|uploaded on May 25, 2021

Borg Backups dashboard for the Borg-exporter.

Borg Backups

Celery / Tasksby adinhodovic

Downloads: 351|Reviews: 0|uploaded on March 8, 2021

A dashboard that monitors Celery. It is created using the Celery-mixin for the the...

Celery / Tasks

Ingress Nginx / Overviewby adinhodovic

Downloads: 2|Reviews: 0|uploaded on August 4, 2022

A dashboard that monitors Ingress-nginx. It is created using the...

Ingress Nginx / Overview