Mambu provides a cloud banking platform to hundreds of customers in more than 65 countries. In this talk, Senior Engineering Manager Onur Beygo will share why and how the company is standardizing on OpenTelemetry and Grafana Enterprise to achieve vendor-neutral, open source observability, with meaningful insights gained through the correlation of metrics, logs, and traces in one UI. You’ll also hear how the observability team gained mindshare by quickly showing business value and creating an easy path for development teams with auto-instrumentation, and what’s next for OpenTelemetry and the Grafana Stack at Mambu.

Onur Beygo

Senior Engineering Manager of Observability, Mambu

Onur is currently working as Senior Engineering Manager of Observability platform in Mambu. He’s deeply interested in the current state and the future of observability as well as in driving business value via observability. He has extensive industry experience in tech management with a focus on platforms, devops and all things cloud native.