Observability-driven development at JPMorgan Chase

Developers are creatives, not factory workers. In this talk, Vinodh Ravi, Executive Director, Platform Engineering at JPMorgan Chase will explore how we can use experimental observations and developer narratives as effective storytelling techniques to produce a prediction. These predictions can then be used to build reliable systems to detect and measure defects, effectively creating an error feedback loop to evaluate the accuracy of the predictions.

Ravi will demonstrate how we can run experiments on a distributed system instrumented with OpenTelemetry by using k6 to simulate load, Gremlin to run chaos scenarios, and then leverage the native data correlation capabilities of Loki and Tempo to automatically gather insights from the experiment. These observations will be provided back to the team for further analysis, thus creating a feedback loop that will effectively shift resiliency testing left. The result? Reduced time to detection by combining the data with feedback and collaboration.