Bringing Kubernetes and cloud native observability to the federal government

Join us for a lively conversation between Steve Mayzak, V.P. of Global Solutions Engineering at Grafana Labs, and Nicolas Chaillan, former and first Chief Software Officer of the U.S. Air Force and Space Force.

In 2018, Chaillan co-founded the Department of Defense’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative to modernize DoD software development in order to deliver secure, resilient applications at the speed of relevance. The initiative included a reference design for the 100,000 employees and contractors working on DoD software to use Kubernetes container orchestration, service mesh, and other best-of-breed open source development tools and software capabilities. We’ll hear from Chaillan about his work with the DoD, the essential role observability tools play in keeping DoD software running reliably and with the right insights, and what’s next.