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Simple, powerful global network performance monitoring, natively within your Grafana

worldPing Constantly tests the performance and uptime of your site and APIs, from networks all over the world. worldPing is a great way to get started with Grafana Cloud, and best of all it’s free. Pinpoint issues, fix them immediately, and improve your user’s experience.

Get started for free, included with every Grafana Cloud Account

3 Million Checks/month
Checks per Month
Up to 3 Endpoints
Up to Three Endpoints
All Protocols
All Protocols
20+ Global Probes
20+ Global Probes

Is worldPing Hosted or On-Prem?

worldPing is a hosted service, installed as an app to your Grafana, on-prem or on Grafana Cloud. We scale and manage it; you get a 100% Graphite compatible data source with global monitoring data.

How is worldPing billed?

We charge by the number of checks you use in a month, per Million.
View our pricing page for plans and a check calculator.