Grafana Labs hands-on workshops

Completely free and available online or in person, Grafana Labs’ hands-on workshops are designed to give you everything you need to get started with something new – or take what you already know about the Grafana LGTM (Loki for logs, Grafana for visualization, Tempo for traces, Mimir for metrics) stack to the next level.
Up to 3 hours of hands-on technical instruction
30 minutes of Q&A with a Grafana Labs expert
Small class sizes and personalized learning environment
Introductory courses and specialty/advanced topics
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Introduction to Prometheus Workshop
Learn how to deploy Prometheus in your environment, spin up Grafana dashboards to visualize your metrics, and implement Grafana Alertmanager for alerting. Get hands-on guidance as you set up your own Prometheus server, add targets to monitor, and write queries in PromQL.
Introduction to Performance Testing with Grafana k6
Learn all the basics of load and performance testing with Grafana k6 and see exactly how to start creating your own tests.
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Introduction to Grafana Observability
Learn how to unite metrics, logs, and traces to consolidate critical application metrics and scale data with Grafana. See how you can leverage Grafana Enterprise and Grafana Cloud to unite all the pieces of your observability strategy, and get best practices for observing modern applications directly.
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Introduction to Logging with Grafana Loki
Get insider tips and best practices for creating Grafana dashboards with Loki. Learn how to build your own dashboard, including setting up your data sources and customizing visualizations. Plus, see how you can correlate logs, metrics, and traces in Grafana to reduce MTTR.
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Extreme Dashboard Makeover
Take your dashboarding skills to the next level and learn how to deliver visually appealing, highly impactful Grafana dashboards with design details that will wow your colleagues. Get tips for tailoring dashboards to specific personas and creating clear and captivating visualizations every time.
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Introduction to Tracing with Grafana Tempo
Get an introduction to traces and learn how to instrument code to generate them. Learn why tracing is essential, get an overview of the composition of a trace, and find out how to work with Grafana Agent and create your own dashboards.
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Introduction to Service Level Objectives
Master the basics of Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and see exactly how to start creating your own. Get a brief history of SLOs and an introduction to everything from error budgets to OSS tooling for SLOs, then practice creating and importing your own via Grafana Cloud.
Intro to Monitoring AWS Services with Grafana
Get an introduction to integrating AWS data sources into Grafana, accessing prebuilt dashboards, and customizing visualizations for deeper insights in your AWS logs, metrics, and traces.