Grafana Pro Training

Turn your team into Grafana Professionals.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning

Our training courses and workshops encourage you to create reusable dashboards that are immediately valuable to you and your team.

Taught by the experts

Taught by the experts

The Grafana Labs team are contributors to the projects and methodologies that make up modern day observability - nobody knows it better.

Perfect for remote teams

Perfect for remote teams

As a remote first organization ourselves, our sessions are aimed at remote teams to maximize collaboration and communication with data.

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Starter Courses


Up to 10 participants

90 minutes

Observability Basics with Grafana and Prometheus

In this session, we’ll show you how Grafana and Prometheus can establish observability best practices within your company.

Using the RED method, you’ll learn what you should be monitoring, how you can best visualize and alert on the data, and how you can share dashboards more widely within your organization.

Getting the most out Cloudwatch in Grafana

Learn how to use the Cloudwatch Metrics and Logs data sources in Grafana, combine AWS data alongside your other sources, and optimize your queries to create fast, beautiful, actionable dashboards.



Up to 50 participants

3 hours

Building a Centralized Observability Culture with Grafana

In this hand-on workshop, your team will learn how to instrument your systems using Prometheus node-exporter, send the data into a centralized long-term backend that can make the data accessible across your organization, and then create reusable dashboards that are immediately valuable and shareable within your organization.

Custom workshops

Custom workshops are also available, and are the optimal way to enable your team to quickly learn and apply the right concepts, specific to your business within Grafana. Starting with a discovery session with your core observability squad, we create and deliver a custom curriculum to accelerate your goals within your unique organization.

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