Build your Grafana Skills

It’s easy to get started with Grafana, but it can be more challenging to become an expert. Training is a great way to accelerate your teams skill and adoption with Grafana.

Training is available to clients with an active Grafana Enterprise subscription and can be custom tailored for your team.

We’ll turn your team into Grafana Experts.

Highly available, dedicated to you

Packaged or Tailored

We offer a number of prepared training courses to jump right in, but if you have something different in mind, let us know. We can craft a custom training course specifically for you, based on what your goals with Grafana are.

Expert Duo

An Expert Duo

All sessions are staffed by two instructors, so we can better help individuals without holding up the session. Instructors are experienced developers and users. Leverage their know-how to make your Grafana project successful.

Training on your terms

Training on your terms

Train your team via either webinar or arrange an on-site visit. No training is more convenient than having GrafanaLabs instructors teach your team together in your offices, utilizing your data, and your Grafana.

Basic Session

Introducing a Culture of Metrics

This training course is aimed at introducing other teams at your company into Grafana. For this training, we’ll conduct a session with the ops or SRE teams and work to create a curriculum with those teams to show how Grafana can help teams across your organization.

Basic Session

Creating Effective Dashboards 101

Where do you begin? What do you monitor? We’ll start by going over the 4 golden signals, as well as best practices around Dashboarding, and how to choose the right visualization panels. We’ll also introduce the concept of template variables.

Basic Session

Optimizing Alerting in Grafana

Alert fatigue is real. This training session will take a deep dive into alerting in Grafana, going over best practices for alert query performance, some tips to reduce false alarms and how to optimize your notifications to include as much context as possible.

Go deeper with Advanced topics.

Advanced Session

The Graphite Query Language

The Graphite query language is one of the most flexible available, supporting a wide range of functions. We’ll conduct a session showing the ins and outs of the language, including common pitfalls and use-cases.

Advanced Session

Creating Effective Dashboards 201

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to make things more dynamic, and use Grafana like a pro. We’ll explore template variables, ad-hoc filters, repeat panels and rows, as well as provide an introduction to scripted Dashboards.

Advanced Session

Building a Datasource Plugin

This training session is targeted at developers with intermediate knowledge of Angular and javascript. Learn how to create a data source plugin for Grafana, including building a custom query editor as well as templating and annotation support.