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MongoDB visualization

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases in the world. It’s important to be able to easily query and visualize your MongoDB data and correlate it with other data sources used within your organization. The MongoDB data source plugin is the simplest way to view MongoDB data in a dashboard. You can interact in real time with your existing MongoDB data and unify data sets across your company into a single diagnostic workspace.

Single pane of glass for all your data

Connect your MongoDB data and other data sources to a single dashboard to provide impactful insights into your business and improve visibility across teams. For example, get a real-time look into the business impact of an application slowdown by combining business transaction volume alongside system health metrics.
MongoDB visualization dashboard

Visualize MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas data without moving or duplicating it

Translate and transform your existing application and business metrics into flexible and versatile charts within dashboards using a wide array of visualizations, such as panels, bar gauges, geomaps, and more. Also query and alert on MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas data in real time without having to migrate or ingest it.
MongoDB visualization dashboard in Grafana

Correlate all your MongoDB data with a wide range of data sources

Get instant access to 80+ data sources, including Elasticsearch, Jira, Datadog, Splunk, AppDynamics, Oracle, Snowflake, ServiceNow, and more. Then you can, for example, identify root causes more quickly by combining your data, logs from Splunk, infrastructure health metrics from Datadog, and software development insights from Jira into a single view.

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Logos for data sources representing a sample of what's available in Grafana.
I think Grafana is the gel that pulls everything together from across the business to give us a real-time snapshot of how Utilita’s doing at any given moment. It’s incredibly valuable.
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How to configure MongoDB with Grafana Cloud

It only takes a few clicks to add your MongoDB connection string and authentication credentials. Then you can write MongoDB queries and create a Grafana dashboard with your MongoDB data and MongoDB Atlas data.

For full implementation details and best practices, see the step-by-step MongoDB data source guide.