Users outside an organization can delete a snapshot with its key

CVE ID: CVE-2024-1313

Date Published: March 26, 2024


It is possible for a user in a different organization from the owner of a snapshot to bypass authorization and delete a snapshot by issuing a DELETE request to /api/snapshots/ using its view key. This functionality is intended to only be available to individuals with the permission to write/edit to the snapshot in question, but due to a bug in the authorization logic, deletion requests issued by an unprivileged user in a different organization than the snapshot owner are treated as authorized.

Grafana Labs would like to thank Ravid Mazon and Jay Chen of Palo Alto Research for discovering and disclosing this vulnerability.

This issue affects Grafana: from 9.5.0 before 9.5.18, from 10.0.0 before 10.0.13, from 10.1.0 before 10.1.9, from 10.2.0 before 10.2.6, from 10.3.0 before 10.3.5.

Note: 10.4.x versions were not impacted by this vulnerability due to the functionality in question having been refactored entirely.