Getting Started with Plugins.

Much of the power of is the power of open source. Anyone can create plugins and submit them for inclusion in the Plugins list.

What is a Plugin?

Plugins allow you to extend and customize your Grafana. Current plugins types include:

  • Data Source Plugins

    Any database that communicates over http. Data Source plugins include: Graphite and Elasticsearch

  • Panel Plugins

    A Panel in Grafana is how data is displayed on a dashboard. Panel plugins include Graph, Singlestat and Piechart Panels.

  • App Plugins

    Apps bundle Data Sources, Panels, Dashboards and Pages for a complete experience inside of Grafana. Check out worldPing to see an example.

How do I create a Plugin?

It's easy to create your own

  1. Sign Up for a account
  2. Read the documentation and create your Plugin:
  3. Email us, or join our slack channel and let us know you're ready to publish. That's it!

In-depth Walkthrough

We've written a two-part, step by step walkthrough on Plugins in Grafana. These articles cover everything you'll need to know to build, test and customize your Plugin, and get it ready to be published on

Official Grafana Support Plans are now available. Get support directly from the core Grafana Team.