Grafana Enterprise

  • Observe all of your data in one place with Enterprise plugins like Splunk, ServiceNow, Datadog, and more
  • Built-in collaboration features allow teams to work together from a single dashboard
  • Advanced security and compliance features to ensure your data is always secure
  • Access to Prometheus, Graphite, Grafana experts and hands-on support teams
Grafana Enterprise dashboard

Grafana Enterprise, trusted worldwide

Unify your data,
not your database

Other vendors will try to sell you an “everything in my database” mentality. At Grafana Labs, we have a different approach: We want to help you with your observability, not own it.

Grafana Enterprise includes access to enterprise plugins that take your existing data sources and allow you to drop them right into Grafana. This means you can get the best out of your complex, expensive monitoring solutions and databases by visualizing all the data in an easier and more effective way.

Build better together

Effective collaboration is built on people having access to the same information. Grafana Enterprise allows you to easily share insights from Grafana dashboards across your company- even if they’re not Grafana users themselves.

See who else is looking at the same dashboard

Using Grafana by yourself is great, but when there is an outage or critical project, it’s important to know you have backup. With Grafana Enterprise, you can quickly see other users that are currently (or recently) viewing the same Grafana dashboard.

Reduce dashboard sprawl

Dashboards don’t help anyone if they aren’t being used. With usage insights, you can quickly understand the behavior and utilization of users, dashboards, and data sources to assure your team has access to meaningful data with insight into every dashboard.

Improve developer productivity

Democratize Grafana so your developers can easily collect data from various sources, view it, and then overlay it onto a single page. When everyone has access to the same data, it increases productivity and cross-functional collaboration.

Find what you’re looking for faster

With advanced dashboard search capabilities, you can find unused or broken dashboards and learn which dashboards are the most viewed.

Get Grafana to your inbox

Reporting allows you to generate PDFs from any of your dashboards and have them sent out to interested parties on a schedule.

Custom branding

Customize your Grafana instance with your logo.

Tap into expert knowledge

Get access to experts at Grafana Labs

44% of Prometheus team members

89% of the Grafana team members, including project founders

91% of the Loki team members, including project founders

100% of Cortex maintainers, including project co-creator

Turn your team into experts

Engineering-led learning to help your teams uplevel their skills and observability strategy

Get roadmap assurance, and work with us to accelerate new features and functionality to shape the future of Grafana

Best practices embedded throughout various engagements and tools

Stay secured

Team sync

Team sync allows you to set up synchronization between teams in Grafana and teams in your auth provider so that your users automatically end up in the right team.

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SAML authentication

SAML authentication enables your Grafana Enterprise users to authenticate with SAML.

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Advanced authentication

Enhanced LDAP integration synchronizes your LDAP groups and teams with your Grafana instance, providing easier access and user management.

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Data source permissions

Govern access so only the approved users can see the data.

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Enterprise support

2-hour critical response for emergency inquiries

Emergency inquiries are defined as software deficiencies that impact product performance and delivery of Grafana.

Long-term support

Ensure that your deployed version of Grafana gets long-term support for bug fixes and security updates.


Protection and peace of mind about offering Grafana as a critical service within your organization.

Features comparison

Grafana open source
Grafana Enterprise


| Connect to popular commercial databases and web services
Community plugins
Plugins created by the Grafana community

Grafana Labs free plugins
Plugins created by the Grafana Labs team

Enterprise plugins
Unlimited access to official Enterprise Plugins from Grafana Labs, which include Splunk, New Relic, AppDynamics, Oracle, Dynatrace, ServiceNow, DataDog


Plugins platform
Tooling, documentation, and components to create plugins

Collaboration and usage

| Tools to align and analyze your distributed teams
Presence indicator
See who else is looking at the same dashboard


Dashboard insights
Details on daily query counts, error count, view count, and all activities from recent users


Dashboard search
Sort dashboards to find unused, broken, and most-viewed dashboards


Automatically generate PDFs from any dashboards and have it emailed to interested parties on a schedule


Custom branding
Replace the Grafana brand and logo with your own corporate brand and logo


Export as dashboard
Generate PDFs from any of your dashboards and save it to file


Training and pro services

| Custom trainings and access to Grafana Labs experts
Unlimited expert support
Ticket support


Custom training & workshops
Choose a prepared course or craft a custom training specifically for your team. Virtual and on-site visits are both available.


Access to Grafana Labs experts
Consulting from the company founded by the original developers of Grafana, Loki, Cortex, and Prometheus


Support with observability efforts
Dedicated technical account management


Roadmap assurance
Work with us to accelerate new features and functionality to shape the future of Grafana


Security and authentication

| Secure access and better data protection
Dashboard/folder permission
Add and assign permissions to specific users and teams

Configure many different OAuth2 authentication services with Grafana

Allows Grafana users to log in with their LDAP credentials

Enhanced LDAP
Integration to synchronize LDAP groups and teams with your Grafana instance


Active LDAP synchronization
Configure Grafana to actively sync users with LDAP servers in the background


Allows Grafana users to log in by using an external SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP)


Team sync
Set up synchronization between your auth providers teams and teams in Grafana


Data source permissions
Grant and restrict access for users to query a data source


Role-based access control
Add or remove detailed permissions from Viewer, Editor, and Admin org roles, to grant users access to Grafana


Enterprise support

| Expert support with SLA
Critical response SLA
If you get woken up at 3 a.m., you can count on our help to get Grafana operational again


Long-term support
Ensure that your deployed version of Grafana gets long-term support for bug fixes and security updates


Protection and peace of mind about offering Grafana as a critical service within your organization


Case study

While some teams at 84.51° were using the free version of Grafana, others were relying on costly vendors or antiquated in-house graphing solutions.


84.51° needed a way to combine and standardize product and infrastructure metrics across all products and display them in one place.


Grafana has led the company on the path toward a centralized metrics program with dashboards that erase the need for people to “manually spend multiple hours and days trying to pull data to tell a story.”

It was really easy for me to get the cost justification to go with Grafana Enterprise. This will enable us to pull the data we collect from various sources right into customized Grafana dashboards, giving the holistic story in a one-stop shop.

– Erin O’Brien,
Lead Service Manager, 84.51°


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