Grafana Enterprise with Amazon Managed Grafana

The official Grafana Enterprise upgrade to Amazon Managed Grafana allows you to complete your own observability picture, reaching across logs, metrics, traces and other applications with enterprise data sources, expert support, and on-demand training.

Grafana Enterprise dashboard
Grafana Enterprise dashboard

Truly interoperable and composable

Visualize and alert on all your observability and operational data, wherever it lives with enterprise data sources like AppDynamics, Splunk, New Relic, Datadog, Oracle, ServiceNow, Dynatrace, Snowflake, MongoDB, Wavefront, and more.

Access to expert support, consulting and support

comprehensive support (with 2-hour critical SLA) from the creators of the software
Consulting from Grafana, Mimir, Loki, Tempo, Graphite, OpenTelemetry, and Prometheus experts
Engineering-led learning to help your teams uplevel their skills and observability strategy
On-demand content and customized training options

Pricing for Grafana Enterprise with Amazon Managed Grafana

Included in basic Amazon Managed Grafana:

green-checkmark Native integration with AWS Services*

green-checkmark Fully managed by AWS

green-checkmark Authentication and authorization with AWS Single Sign-On

Included in the Grafana Enterprise add-on. everything above plus:

green-checkmark Access to all Grafana Enterprise plugins

green-checkmark 24x7x365 comprehensive support

green-checkmark Tailored training and on-demand content from the Grafana Labs team

Starting at $3500/mo

+$36/mo per editor/admin

+$10/mo per viewer

Billed by Amazon Web Services*

* Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Timestream, AWS IoT SiteWise, and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

** Listed prices are incremental to the standard Amazon Managed Grafana pricing.

What is Amazon Managed Grafana?

Amazon Managed Grafana natively integrates with AWS services to ensure that you can securely add, query, visualize, and analyze your AWS data across multiple accounts and regions with a few clicks in the AWS Console.

Easily extend Amazon Managed Grafana with this official Grafana Enterprise upgrade.

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Running a hybrid or multi-cloud environment?

Bring all of your on-prem and cloud monitoring data into one dashboard with Grafana Enterprise

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