Set service level objectives and manage SLO alerts in Grafana Cloud

Grafana SLO is an application that makes it easy to create, manage, and scale service level objectives, SLO dashboards, and error budget alerts in Grafana Cloud.

The actually useful Grafana Cloud Free plan

  • 10K metrics
  • 3 active users
  • Integration with Grafana Cloud IRM
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Set SLOs in minutes

Create SLIs and SLOs with a guided UI and get started with prebuilt dashboards, alerts, and recording rules that help you prioritize your incident response.

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Deploy SLOs as code

Scale SLOs as code with API and Terraform support, eliminating the need for repetitive, manual setup.

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Get a high-level overview of your services

Track the metrics that matter with a snapshot of service level indicators and error budgets across your critical services.

Why use Grafana Cloud for service level objectives?

Assistance with setting SLOs

Having trouble getting started with SLOs? Grafana SLO provides step-by-step guidance to create service level objectives and prevents errors in your SLO setup.

  • Define service level indicators and configure an SLO with a guided wizard
  • Create an SLO ratio with our query builder (no PromQL required!)
  • Determine metrics and targets with useful tooltips to help you get started
Grafana SLO UI for creating an SLO ratio.

Grafana dashboard showing SLO metrics in Grafana Cloud.

Auto-generated SLO dashboards and alerts

Want to reduce your SLO-related workload? Grafana SLO builds dashboards and alerts for you once you define your SLO targets.

  • Visualize SLO metrics in dynamic dashboards that include SLO and SLI status, remaining error budget, and burn rate.
  • Maintain control of SLOs with precise fast-burn and slow-burn alerts that help decrease on-call loads.

Aggregate view of all SLOs

Getting questions about application performance or downtime? Grafana SLO gives you a complete overview of your SLOs, including status updates and remaining error budgets, to help track SLOs and keep teams informed.

  • Monitor SLI performance and error budgets with the SLO Overview dashboard
  • Deliver automated SLO status reports to stakeholders
Grafana SLO overview page in Grafana Cloud.

SLOs as code in Grafana SLO.

Enable SLOs as code

Managing SLOs for multiple teams in your organization? Easily scale your service level objectives by configuring SLOs as code.

  • Provision SLIs/SLOs, dashboards, and alerts as code via API or Terraform support
  • Customize your service level objective with or without labels

It’s easy to get started

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Sign up

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Connect your data

Send Prometheus data from your services to Grafana Cloud
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Build SLOs with our guided wizard or as code via the SLO API or Terraform
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Access out-of-the-box dashboards and error budget alerts

“We want to use some of the burn rate alerts through Grafana SLO and put them up on a big board so everyone can see them. We also want to cut through the alert fatigue that can be caused by trying to monitor too many signals…With Grafana SLO in place, we hope to focus on what matters most: reliability and providing a positive user experience”
Dylan Morley
Lead Principal Engineer

Get Grafana SLO in Grafana Cloud

Ideal for setting and managing service level objectives, whether it’s your first or your 1,000th.

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