Grafana Cloud

Options for every user, organization and use case

Grafana Cloud



Everything users need to understand their applications and infrastructure

What you get:

  • 10,000 series for Prometheus or Graphite metrics
  • 50 GB of logs
  • 50 GB of traces
  • 14 days retention for metrics, logs and traces
  • Access for up to 3 team members


$49/mo + usage

For teams and workloads that require scale, security and collaboration

What you get:

  • 15,000 series for Prometheus or Graphite metrics
  • 100 GB of logs
  • 100 GB of traces
  • 13 months retention for metrics
  • 30 days retention for logs and traces
  • Access for up to 10 team members


Custom pricing

For teams and enterprises with large sets of metrics and many tools

What you get:

  • Custom volume, retention, and users
  • Additional support and account services
Overview (Dashboarding, visualizations, and alerting)
+ $5/mo/user for more users
Deployment Region Tooltip hover
US, EU, AUUS, EU, AUUS, EU, AU, London
Synthetic Monitoring
Grafana OnCall Tooltip hover
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Data source permissions
Reporting and export
Custom domains
Usage Insights
Enhanced LDAP
Team sync
Audit logging
Custom branding
Metrics (Prometheus- and Graphite-compatible)
Included usage
10,000 series15,000 seriesCustom
Additional usage
n/a$8/month for 1,000 series (1 DPM)Custom
14 days13 months13 months
Logs (Powered by Loki)
Included usage
50 GB100 GBCustom
Additional usage
n/a$0.50/month for 1 GBCustom
14 days30 days30 days
Traces (Powered by Tempo)
Included usage
50 GB100 GBCustom
Additional usage
n/a$0.50/month for 1 GBCustom
14 days30 days30 days
Plugins (Get access to hundreds of plugins)
Enterprise Plugins including ServiceNow, Splunk, Datadog, New Relic, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, MongoDB and Oracle
Docs and guides
Support availability
Community8x5 Email24x7 Email
Onboarding and technical troubleshooting
Dedicated technical account management
Custom Legal Terms

Frequently asked questions

I have never used Grafana Cloud. Where do I start?

The Grafana Cloud documentation includes a detailed guide to help you get started: Getting Started with Grafana Cloud.

What is a series?

A series is a uniquely named time series in either Graphite or Prometheus.

The time span after which a series is no longer considered active after receiving the last data point is different for Prometheus and Graphite:

  • For Prometheus, a time series is considered active if new data points have been generated within the last 15 to 30 minutes.
  • For Graphite, a time series is considered active if new data points have been generated within the last eight hours.

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What are Cloud Logs?

The Grafana Cloud Logs service is a horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system powered by Grafana Loki.

What are Cloud Metrics?

Grafana Labs' Metrics service offers a Graphite- and Prometheus-compatible monitoring backend as a service.

Will I be billed during my 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro?

Nope! If you decide to continue after the 14-day trial (we hope you do), you can decide between the Pro or Free plan available with Grafana Cloud.

How do you bill for metrics?

In Grafana Cloud, metrics usage is calculated by looking at two components: active series and data points per minute (DPM).

  • An active series is a time series where new data points, or samples, are being generated. When you stop updating a time series, it is no longer considered “active” for billing purposes.

  • A data point is a single measured occurrence of a metric within a time series, consisting of a unique value and timestamp.

Learn more about billing in the Grafana Cloud documentation.

How can I cancel my subscription or close my account?

Simply email from an email address registered as an admin on your account.

We require at least 7 days’ notice for monthly billing customers. Notice period for Annually billed customers will be in your Service Order or can be provided by your Account Executive.

Please note, deleting your Hosted Metric instances does not cancel your subscription.