Reduce costs with Prometheus cardinality optimization

Eliminate unused metrics via custom cardinality optimizations that adapt to your cloud native environment with the Adaptive Metrics feature. Reduce metric cardinality and costs – all within the fully managed Grafana Cloud platform.

A free plan THAT’S Actually useful

  • 10k metrics
  • 14-day metrics retention
  • 3 monthly active users
  • Adaptive Metrics
Reduce costs icon

Reduce observability costs

Pay only for metrics that you use by eliminating time series that are never or rarely leveraged.

Control metrics icon

Control metrics explosion

Reduce metric time series by 20-50% with zero changes needed to your applications or remote-write setup.

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Optimize without fear

Recommended aggregations respect historic usage patterns; they won’t break existing dashboards, alerts, or previously run queries.

Control your Prometheus cardinality with Grafana Cloud

Customized cardinality reduction

Adaptive Metrics continuously analyzes your incoming metrics and compares them to your dashboards, rules, and query logs. You’ll get tailored recommendations that reflect your usage patterns, allowing you to filter out unused time series.
customized cardinality diagram

customized cardinality diagram

Seamless integration into existing workflows

With a simple, interactive CLI, you can pick the rules you want to apply, make modifications, or override recommendations. Or you can use the API to manage rules within your CI/CD processes.

Zero disruptions to operations

Aggregated metrics keep their original name, which means you don’t have to change your queries, alerts, or dashboards after applying them.
customized cardinality diagram

customized cardinality diagram

Roll back on demand

Observability is never static: Prometheus cardinality eliminated today may be needed tomorrow. When that happens, unapply the aggregation rule with a single command. Going forward, you’ll have access to the raw metric with all its labels.

How Adaptive Metrics works


Unused metrics and labels are identified by usage history.


Customized aggregation rules are suggested for your environment.


You choose which aggregation rules to apply to lower the count of persisted time series.


Dashboards, alerts, and queries use persisted time series, ensuring seamless operation of existing observability artifacts.


Analysis is continuous, so changes in dashboards, alerts, and query patterns prompt new aggregation suggestions.
“We carefully watch our metric and cost consumption, and in the past we manually evaluated every metric to identify what to drop, which was extremely time consuming and a tedious process. Grafana Cloud Adaptive Metrics simplified this process for us by generating recommendations curated for our environment, reducing the amount of time spent by half. I wish I had this feature sooner.”
Lydia Clarke
DevOps Engineer at SailPoint