Your observability, managed as a service

Grafana Cloud is a composable observability platform, integrating metrics, traces and logs with Grafana. Leverage the best open source observability software – including Prometheus, Loki, and Tempo – without the overhead of installing, maintaining, and scaling your observability stack.

Effortlessly configure pre-built dashboards with live metrics and alerts.
Effortlessly configure pre-built dashboards with live metrics and alerts.

From zero to observability in minutes

Building an integrated observability stack from open source components takes time. With Grafana Cloud you can go from zero to beautiful graphs, insightful logs, and valuable alerts in minutes. Select the service(s) to monitor, install the Prometheus-inspired agent, and get preconfigured alerts and dashboards.

Multiple ways to collect, store, visualize, and alert on data with Grafana Cloud

Full stack monitoring

Install the Grafana Agent to get OOTB dashboards and alerting.

For teams that want to get up and running within minutes and are looking for a one-stop shop for metrics, logs, dashboards and alerts.

BYOD (Bring your own data)

Send your local Prometheus and Loki data to our backend.

For teams that are already running Prometheus, Loki, or Graphite and are looking for a single view across several instances, improved query performance, and long-term storage.

Unify your data

Query and visualize data wherever it lives.

For teams that have existing time series datastores or logging services and want to query, visualize, and alert on this data within Grafana Cloud.

Grafana Cloud diagram

Made for you, managed by us

Start for free

Operate at scale

Grafana Cloud is built with modern distributed systems techniques to grow with your applications and infrastructure. No artificial limits or barriers, just true horizontal scalability.

  • Easily scale past 100M+ metrics
  • 13-month metrics retention for trend analysis and capacity planning
  • 30 days of log and trace retention

Reduce operational overhead

Let our team manage and maintain the service so you always have:

  • Automatic upgrades that alleviate the need for maintenance
  • Guaranteed availability with 24x7 on-call support
  • Capacity to scale with your growth

Your teams focus on:

Accelerating the development of important projects and business innovation

Grafana Cloud handles:

The scalability and availability of your observability platform, including instant upgrades, security patches, and backups

Pricing that’s flexible and predictable

A free plan that’s actually useful

  • 10,000 series for Prometheus or Graphite metrics
  • 50 GB of logs
  • 50 GB of traces
  • 14-day retention for metrics and logs
  • Access for up to 3 team members
Start with a 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro to get unlimited users, metrics, traces and logs. Then choose from free or transparently priced options.
Grafana Cloud dashboard
The Grafana Cloud billing dashboard gives you a clear view of costs in real time.

Billed based on your actual usage.

Pay for when you’re actually able to get value, not for projected use or for the peak capacity you rarely hit.

Never be surprised by your bill.

Grafana Cloud offers total transparency into your monthly usage and estimated bill.

  • Access a detailed breakdown of your monthly usage and estimated bill whenever you need it.
  • Set up billing alerts so you’re notified if usage changes.

“It doesn’t make sense, price-to-performance, to do it ourselves, so we were looking for a fully managed solution from a team that had experience running monitoring at scale.”

-Alex Ulstein, Head of Monitoring, Wix

“The benefits of Grafana Cloud were almost instantaneous. Query time immediately improved and many, many developers seemed to notice. Also, our reliability improved quite a bit.”

-Patrick O’Brien, SRE, The Trade Desk