Efficiently scale with Grafana Cloud

Grafana Cloud is a fully managed observability platform for your applications and infrastructure. Metrics, logs, and dashboards at scale.

Grafana Cloud dashboard

Much more than dashboards

Collect, analyze, and alert on Prometheus and Graphite metrics and Loki logs, all within our highly available, high-performance, and fully managed Grafana Cloud platform. Now you can get visibility into all data sources and metrics across teams without jumping through multiple tabs and tools.

Grafana Cloud dashboard

Built for performance and scale

Highly available and scalable managed service
Centralized view to query and alert on multiple Prometheus instances
13-month retention for trend analysis and capacity planning

Grafana Cloud gives you massive query performance and high efficiency for your Prometheus metrics at any scale.

As the creators of Grafana and Loki and maintainers of Prometheus, Cortex, and Graphite, we’ve made these solutions hassle- and headache-free right out of the box.

Visibility into your full stack

Get full visibility into your application stack with 40+ standard and Enterprise data source plugins. Adding data sources within your Grafana Cloud account is as simple as one click for the most popular data stores, cloud services, and APIs.

Run by the team behind Grafana

We created Grafana to help teams build powerful dashboards and alerts for all their metrics. We are the creators of Loki and core contributors to Prometheus and Graphite. Customers of Grafana Cloud can enjoy the expertise, performance, and support from the team that has built and run these services at the largest scale.

Easy to get going

Get started with Grafana Cloud within minutes – no expertise necessary. Install our agent, choose from preconfigured dashboards, import popular ones, or select plugins with just a few clicks.

Grafana Cloud dashboard
Grafana Cloud dashboard

Centralized Alerting

Unified experience for managing powerful Prometheus-style alerting rules for both metrics and logs directly in Grafana

Synthetic Monitoring

Observe how systems and applications are performing from a user’s point of view by monitoring applications and API endpoints from dozens of locations around the world

Grafana Cloud dashboard






+ metered usage



Ideal for
Developers, operators,
and hobbyists
Teams that want to quickly start sending metrics and logs
Teams with millions of metrics and mission critical workloads
Dedicated Grafana instance
1 user 10 users
(additional user 5/user/mo)
Custom # of users
Custom domain
5 dashboards Unlimited dashboards Unlimited dashboards
Unlimited alerts
Enterprise plugins
Metrics (Prometheus and Graphite)
3,000 series included
Additional usage
+ $16/monthly/1,000 series Volume-based pricing
Metric retention
13 months 13 months
Logs (Loki)
100 GB of logs
Additional usage
$0.50 per GB/monthly Volume-based pricing
Log retention
30 days 30 days
Advanced authentication
LDAP / OAuth / OpenID
Grafana Labs

“It doesn’t make sense, price-to-performance, to do it ourselves, so we were looking for a fully managed solution from a team that had experience running monitoring at scale.”

-Alex Ulstein, Head of Monitoring, Wix

“Grafana Cloud enables us to achieve observability bliss at HotSchedules. We don’t have to worry about scaling and maintaining the service.”

-Denise Stockman, Director, Infrastructure, HotSchedules

Get started today

Risk-free trial

You can cancel at any time, and no charges will be incurred.

Support when you need it

When community support isn’t enough, we’re here for you.

Your data is safe

Grafana Cloud is SOC, SSPA, and PCI compliant to keep your data safe. Learn more.

Also available on Google and Azure marketplaces

Frequently asked questions

Will I be billed during the trial?

Nope! If you decide to continue (we hope you do), you’ll be billed after your trial ends. You can cancel your free trial at any time.

What is a series?

A series is a uniquely named time series in either Graphite or Prometheus.

An individual billable series is capable of 6 data points per minute (DPM) each on average. High-resolution monitoring is fully supported, and series with more than 6 DPM are billed as multiple series on a pro rata basis.

What about custom metrics?

There is no additional charge for custom metrics. A metric is a metric as far as Grafana Cloud is concerned. We don’t limit or charge extra for custom metrics.

How do you deal with usage bursts?

We guarantee that you can burst to 200% of your current usage, and we don’t penalize you for unexpected overages. We disregard the most bursty 36 hours every month, so temporary bursts are not a problem.

What is Grafana Cloud Logs?

Grafana Cloud’s Logs service is a horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system powered by Grafana Loki.

How can I cancel my subscription or close my account?

Simply email support@grafana.com from an email address registered as an admin on your account. We require at least seven days notice for monthly billing customers. Notice period for annually billed customers will be in your service order or can be provided by your Account Executive. Please note, deleting your Hosted Metric instances does not cancel your subscription.

Is Grafana Cloud highly available?

Yes, Grafana Cloud runs on redundant and highly available Kubernetes clusters. We monitor your Grafana instance 24x7x365 and react immediately to any issues.

Can I install plugins and dashboards?

Yes, Grafana Cloud is the only hosted option that allows you to install plugins with one click. Install supported data sources, panels, and entire apps to get the most out of your Grafana.

Do you provide support?

Yes, Grafana Cloud Standard includes Basic support, which gives you direct access to the core Grafana team. Enterprise-grade support is available to Grafana Cloud Enterprise customers.

What version of Grafana do I get?

You’ll always be seamlessly upgraded to the latest stable version, tested by our core team. Grafana Cloud makes it easy to ensure that you’re always getting the latest and greatest that Grafana has to offer.