Add Measurements to a Picture in Grafana

ImageIt Panel Plugin for Grafana

Allows a user to superimpose measurement displays ontop of picture.



  1. Enter a URL for your background image.
  2. Set up some metrics (Influx and "fake data source" tested).
  3. Then add sensor displays ontop of the picture and tie them to the metrics.

Fork Features

  • Sensors stay still, even when resizing the panel
  • Draggable sensors
  • Resizing sensors when resizing the panel
  • Plugin compatibility with Grafana 5/6
  • Plugin canvas compatible with larger images
  • Links on sensors
  • Change sensors background color (even transparent)
  • Font Awesome Icons - Images mapping on sensor name

Coming from picture it?

This was once a PictureIt fork. The original repo was abandoned long ago so I changed name and id to publish it.

If you have old pictureit panels you can migrate each one by going on: "More... -> Panel JSON" on the panel menu and change "bessler-pictureit-panel" on "type" to "pierosavi-imageit-panel"

Install Plugin


  • Grafana 5.x.x