Graphite is an open source monitoring system first developed by Chris Davis at Orbitz in 2006, and has since been adopted by various other contributors.

The Graphite ecosystem provides a scalable platform for gathering and storing time-series data, and a powerful suite of functions to query and analyze that data over time.

Grafana Labs is proud to support the development of the Graphite project by employing Graphite maintainers, building first-class support for Graphite into Grafana, and ensuring Grafana customers receive Graphite support and features they need.

Some particular contributions from Grafana Labs to Graphite include support for tags and a rewrite of the clustering subsystem. In the broader Graphite ecosystem, we also work on carbon-relay-ng and metrictank.

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Dan Cech

Dan Cech

Distinguished Engineer

Dieter Plaetinck

Dieter Plaetinck

Principal Software Engineer

Mauro Stettler

Mauro Stettler

Senior Software Engineer

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Grafana Cloud: Graphite

Import your historical data and unify all your metrics seamlessly within Grafana Cloud.

  • Highly scalable Graphite metrics storage
  • Custom long-term retention per original schemas (default 24 months)
  • 100% of metrics collected. Zero sampling and zero aggregation.
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Enterprise Support for Graphite

  • Get support and training from Graphite maintainers and experts.
  • 24x7x365 coverage from our geographically distributed team.
  • Per-node pricing scales with your deployment.
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