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Easily collect, correlate, and visualize data with beautiful dashboards using Grafana — the open source data visualization and monitoring solution that drives informed decisions, enhances system performance, and streamlines troubleshooting.

The easiest way to get started with the latest version of Grafana is with Grafana Cloud, our fully managed observability stack.

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Transform data into real-time insights

Grafana’s growing suite of visualizations, ranging from time series graphs to heatmaps to cutting-edge 3D charts, help you decode complex datasets.

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Seamlessly build a single pane of glass

With 150+ Grafana plugins, you can unify all your data sources into a single dashboard to streamline data monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Resolve issues faster with Grafana Alerting

Alert on data from a wide variety of data sources to identify problems and fix them quickly.

The evolution of Grafana

Inspired by the open source community and our growing number of users, Grafana introduces new innovations in every release to improve how you visualize, correlate, and share your data.
  • Instantly query data with Prometheus and Grafana Loki query builders
  • Next-gen visualizations with heatmap, geomap, and candlestick panels
  • Faster dashboard setup with Explore-to-dashboard workflow
  • Easy navigation shortcuts with the command palette
  • Create one alert for multiple instances with Grafana Alerting
  • Customize visualizations with the canvas panel
  • Send dashboards to anyone with Public Dashboards
  • Bring together disparate data with Correlations
  • Build dashboards into apps with Scenes
  • Improved automation with Grafana as code
  • Explore and break down metrics by label without PromQL with Explore Metrics
  • Scan, sort, and filter Loki logs with the new Logs table
  • Nest folders into each other for cleaner organization and permissions
  • Migrate directly from self-managed Grafana to Grafana Cloud
  • Fine-tune Loki logs permissions with LBAC for the Loki data source
“The goal when creating Grafana was to make the things I found hard, and other people found hard, more easy and accessible. That way, more people could actually start instrumenting their applications and creating dashboards by themselves. Make the tools of observability accessible to everyone in an organization, not just the single Ops person.”
Torkel Ödegaard
Torkel Ödegaard
CGO, Co-founder, Grafana Labs

Community-driven development is at the heart of Grafana

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Meet the Grafana contributors

Grafana Labs is proud to lead the development of the Grafana project. And we’re hiring!

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Get Grafana fully managed with Grafana Cloud or run on your own infrastructure with self-managed options.

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Centralize the analysis, visualization, and alerting for all of your data with Grafana.

For users who prefer to set up, administer, and maintain their own installation.

Easiest way to get started


Offered as a fully managed service, Grafana Cloud is the fastest way to adopt Grafana and includes a scalable, managed backend for metrics, logs, and traces.

Managed and administered by Grafana Labs with free and paid options for individuals, teams, and large enterprises.

Includes a robust free tier with access to 10k metrics, 50GB logs, 50GB traces, 50GB profiles, 50k frontend sessions, and 500VUh of k6 testing for 3 users.


Grafana’s powerful visualization and alerting, enhanced with access to Enterprise data source plugins and built-in collaboration features.

For organizations that have specific privacy or security requirements and need a self-managed environment.

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