Comparing Grafana open source projects to Grafana Cloud


Open source

We build software in the open, with permissive licenses and thriving communities because we believe investing in open source will help leave the world a little better than we found it. Grafana Labs started with our flagship open source project, Grafana. We’ve also launched Grafana Loki and Grafana Tempo, and contribute to successful projects in this space, such as Graphite and Prometheus.

Grafana Project

Centralize the analysis, visualization, and alerting for all of your data with Grafana.

Grafana Tempo

An open source, easy-to-use and high-scale distributed tracing backend.


Centralize the analysis, visualization, and alerting on all of your Prometheus or Graphite metrics with Grafana.

Grafana Loki

An open source, horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus.

Grafana Cloud

Grafana Cloud is a composable observability platform that packages together metrics, logs, and traces with Grafana. It leverages the best open source observability software – including Prometheus, Loki, and Tempo – without the overhead of having to install, maintain, and scale your own observability stack.

Fully-managed Grafana

Dedicated Grafana front-end with enhanced reporting, security, management and more

Grafana Cloud Metrics

Super fast, highly available and long term storage Prometheus compatible backend

Grafana Cloud Traces

Easy-to-operate, highly scalable, and cost effective distributed tracing system with Grafana Tempo

Grafana Cloud Logs

Flexible and powerful logging system for lower TCO at extreme scale

Key differences

Open source

Grafana Cloud


Install, administer, and maintain on your own

You don’t need to install anything to use Grafana Cloud, simply sign up and you can start using Grafana Cloud right away

Cost and distribution

Free & open source

Offers a generous free plan then pay as you go pricing


Self-managed so you can deploy in your own data center or cloud capacity

Fully-managed by Grafana Labs using our cloud-hosted compute means that your team can focus on shipping code instead of maintaining infrastructure

Scale up/out

Scale it yourself.

Easily scale past 100M+ metrics; get 13-month metrics retention for trend analysis and capacity planning and 30 days of log and trace retention.


Run it yourself.

Automatically get security patches and backups, so you can rest easy knowing we are periodically backing up your data.


Run it yourself.

Get instant upgrades as soon as they become available, so you can take advantage of the latest features and always be on the current version.

Uptime SLA

Not included.


Advanced security and admin tools

Not included.

Access advanced admin tools to govern, audit, and secure user permissions and data. Includes features like data source permissions, SSO/SAML/LDAP authentication, team sync, and more.


Community forums

Dedicated support from the Grafana Labs team to provide critical response SLA, help establish best practices, as well as be an on-demand resource for ongoing questions.

Cloud-exclusive features

Not included

Cloud integrations

An agent-free monitoring solution that is easy to configure. It provides insights on how services are behaving from an external point of view

Enterprise plugins

Take your existing data sources and allow you to drop them right into Grafana

Grafana Machine Learning

Create predictions of the future state of systems and alert on unexpected changes or anomalies in behaviour

Explore, visualize, query, and alert on your Datadog metrics

Send metrics from Datadog agents directly to Grafana with Grafana Cloud, removing the need to rewrite instrumentation code

Usage insights

Usage insights give you a better understanding of how your Grafana instance is used

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