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Published Plugins

yesoreyeram-boomtable-panel (v1.4.1)by yesoreyeram

Boom table panel for Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus

Boom Table Logo

yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel (v0.2.1)by yesoreyeram

Themes for Grafana

Boom Theme Logo

yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource (v0.8.8)by yesoreyeram

JSON, CSV, XML, GraphQL, HTML and REST API datasource for Grafana. Do infinite things with Grafana. Transform...

Infinity Logo
Data Source

Published Dashboards

Azure Batch Accountsby yesoreyeram

Downloads: 175|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 15, 2019

Azure Batch Accounts
Azure Monitor

Azure Cosmos DBby yesoreyeram

Downloads: 701|Reviews: 2|uploaded on July 15, 2019|

Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Monitor

Azure Data Factory Factoriesby yesoreyeram

Downloads: 529|Reviews: 1|uploaded on July 15, 2019|

Azure Data Factory Factories
Azure Monitor

Azure Data Lake Store Accountby yesoreyeram

Downloads: 200|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 15, 2019

Azure Data Lake Store Account
Azure Monitor

Azure Event Hubby yesoreyeram

Downloads: 702|Reviews: 1|uploaded on July 15, 2019|

Azure Event Hub
Azure Monitor