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Published Dashboards

Cluster Autoscaler Statsby severity1

Downloads: 8880|Reviews: 2|uploaded on August 8, 2019|

Super simple dashboard showing an overview of kubernetes cluster autoscaling activity and status,...

Cluster Autoscaler Stats

Kubernetes All Nodesby severity1

Downloads: 668|Reviews: 0|uploaded on August 7, 2019

Dashboard to get an overview of all nodes in a Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes All Nodes

Kubernetes All Podsby severity1

Downloads: 660|Reviews: 0|uploaded on August 7, 2019

Kubernetes to monitor POD statistics

Kubernetes All Pods

Kubernetes Cluster (Prometheus)by severity1

Downloads: 7865|Reviews: 1|uploaded on August 6, 2019|

Summary metrics about containers running on Kubernetes nodes. Use this Helm chart to launch...

Kubernetes Cluster (Prometheus)

Kubernetes Deployment Statefulset Daemonset Metricsby severity1

Downloads: 131|Reviews: 0|uploaded on August 7, 2019

Monitors Kubernetes deployments in cluster using Prometheus. Shows overall cluster CPU / Memory...

Kubernetes Deployment Statefulset Daemonset Metrics