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Published Dashboards

Azure / Alert Consumptionby azuremonitorteam

Downloads: 231|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 18, 2021
A summary of all alerts for the subscription and other filters selected
Azure / Alert Consumption
Azure Monitor

Azure / API Managementby azuremonitorteam

Downloads: 45|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 19, 2022
Dashboard for API Management service. Monitors health, API, operations, and requests. Contains...
Azure / API Management
Azure Monitor

Azure / Container Apps / Aggregate Viewby azuremonitorteam

Downloads: 10|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 18, 2022
Aggregate view of all Container Apps in a selected Container App Environment. Links to individual...
Azure / Container Apps / Aggregate View
Azure Monitor

Azure / Container Apps / Container App Viewby azuremonitorteam

Downloads: 23|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 18, 2022
Azure / Container Apps / Container App View
Azure Monitor

Azure / Insights / Applicationsby azuremonitorteam

Downloads: 307|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 20, 2021
The dashboard provides insights of Azure Apps via different metrics for app monitoring through...
Azure / Insights / Applications
Azure Monitor