On April 20, 2021, Grafana Labs announced that going forward, our core open source projects will be moving from the Apache License v2.0 to AGPLv3. You can find the most up-to-date information about the licensing change on this resource page.


What’s moving to AGPL and what’s not?

Our core projects (Grafana, Grafana Loki, and Grafana Tempo) have moved to AGPL. Plugins, agents, and certain libraries will remain Apache-licensed. You can find information in GitHub about what is remaining under the Apache license for Grafana, Loki, and Tempo.

What are the initial software versions affected by this change?

  • Grafana 8.0
  • Loki 2.3
  • Tempo 1.0

Is there a non-AGPL option?

Users who don’t intend to modify Grafana code can simply use our Enterprise download. This is a free-to-use, proprietary-licensed, compiled binary that matches the features of the AGPL version, and can be upgraded to take advantage of all the commercial features in Grafana Enterprise (Enterprise plugins, advanced security, reporting, support, and more) with the purchase of a license key. We expect to offer similar versions for Loki and Tempo in the future.

Customers who want to modify the AGPL version and distribute or offer it as a service over a network, and also don’t want to be subject to AGPL obligations to make their modifications available, can contact us to secure a commercial license to meet these needs.


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