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How to report a security issue

If you think you have found a security vulnerability, please send a report to This address can be used for all of Grafana Labs’s open source and commercial products (including but not limited to Grafana, Grafana Cloud, Grafana Enterprise, and 

Encrypt your email with our PGP key. The key fingerprint is:

225E 6A9B BB15 A37E 95EB 6312 C66A 51CC B44C 27E0

The key is available from

What should be included in a security report

We appreciate clear and concise reports that are easy to follow and understand. To do so, provide us with enough information to reproduce the potential vulnerability and address the issue effectively. This may include steps to reproduce the vulnerability, relevant technical details, and any other information that can help us understand the scope and impact of the issue.

Bug Bounty Program

Grafana Labs hosts a bug bounty program where certain products and services are in-scope. To submit a vulnerability report, please visit Grafana Lab’s Bug Bounty Policy page and follow the instructions provided. Our security team will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.

Grafana Labs will send you a response indicating the next steps in handling your report. After the initial reply to your report, the security team will keep you informed of the progress towards a fix and full announcement, and may ask for additional information or guidance.

Important: We ask you to not disclose the vulnerability before it has been fixed and announced, unless you received a response from the Grafana Labs security team that you can do so.