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Grafana Cloud Standard SLA 

Grafana Labs warrants that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to perform the Services substantially in accordance with the service levels (“Service Levels”) set forth in this SLA. 

In the event Grafana Labs does not meet a Service Level during the period specified in the SLA, as Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and Grafana Labs’s sole liability for not meeting a Service Level, Grafana Labs shall provide the service level credits in the manner specified in the SLA (“Service Level Credits”). Customer will forfeit any unused Service Level Credits which may exist as of termination or expiration of this MSA or any Services. 

0. Service Overview The Service provided is GrafanaCloud, designed for the ingestion and retrieval of time series measurement data. 

1. Service Level Policies Grafana Labs will process Service Level Credits for Service events as set forth in the SLA. If an event has occurred which qualifies for a Service Level Credit and such event is not covered by a pro- active Service Level Credit, Customer must open a ticket with Grafana Labs providing the details pertaining to the event within ten (10) days of the occurrence. Otherwise, Customer forfeits any right to claim that a Service Level Credit is due. For the purpose of calculating whether a Service Level Credit may be due, and the duration of an event, Grafana Labs will calculate time periods beginning from the earlier of (a) the time stamp of the alert in Grafana Labs’s monitoring systems; or (b) the time stamp of the Customer- submitted ticket and continuing until Grafana Labs has resolved the event. The maximum Service Level Credits that may be earned for any calendar month shall not exceed 100% of the monthly revenue of the affected Services. We warrant that the Grafana Cloud service will work with the latest stable release of carbon-relay-ng and/or prometheus for the transport of metrics to Grafana Cloud.

2. SLA Performance Objectives Grafana Labs guarantees that the performance of the Service will meet the following minimum standards. 

  1. 99.5% of requests succeed within a given monthly billing period for all generally available services.

  2. 99.5% of autonomous actions to be completed successfully within a given monthly billing period. (eg alert evaluation, synthetic monitors etc) 

3. SLA Exclusions Service Levels and Service Level Credits apply only to Customer and not to any End User Customers or to any other party. Customer is not entitled to any Service Level Credit if Customer (a) has not paid all amounts due hereunder by the respective Due Date, (b) is in breach of the MSA. In addition, Grafana Labs shall have no liability to provide the Services in accordance with any applicable Service Level or to provide any Service Level Credits if the failure to so provide the Services in accordance with the Service Level is due, in whole or in part, to any of the following: 

  1. Planned Grafana Labs Maintenance: repairs, upgrades and modifications to shared core infrastructure scheduled for off peak Customer hours, if Grafana Labs provides notice at least 24 hours in advance, provided that there is a maximum of 1 such maintenance per quarter.

  2. Planned Customer Maintenance: repairs, upgrades, scheduled or Customer-requested service interruptions or modifications to a Customer Service, scheduled in advance, to meet the specific requirements of Customer.

  3. External Network Conditions: resulting general Internet network conditions outside the reasonable control of Grafana Labs, including but not limited to DNS issues and peering disputes outside the direct control of Grafana Labs 

  4. Extraordinary volume: resulting usage patterns or traffic that exceeds the reasonable performance parameters of Customer’s Service. Specifically, if the volume of data or volume of queries exceeds 300% of the highest sustained 24-hour usage in the preceding 30 days.

  5. No access: resulting from failure by Customer to give Grafana Labs appropriate access to and information about software running at Customer location, such as carbon-relay-ng and prometheus.

  6. Other Third Party Matters: caused by Customers third party software or other third party services that are outside of the scope of the Service. 

4. SLA Credit Amount Service Level Credits resulting in the following SLA Performance Objective availabilities will be limited to the following percentages of the total monthly cost of the affected Service. 

< 99.5% but >= 99.0%. 10%

< 99.0% but >= 98.0% 20%

< 98.0% but >= 97.0% 50%

< 97.0% 100%