Grafana Incident Response & Management (IRM)

Detect, respond, and learn from your incidents all within Grafana Cloud

Grafana’s Incident Response & Management (IRM) tools simplify the incident workflow to help you focus on managing incidents, not your tools.

Our incident management stack enables you to:

  • Quickly detect issues and changes in your production systems
  • Easily escalate alerts to the right teams
  • Automate declaring, assigning tasks, and communicating for incidents of any severity
  • Identify actionable insights on incidents across services, teams, or geos

Why use Grafana Cloud for IRM?

When things go wrong, Grafana dashboards are often the first place teams go to find answers in metrics, logs, and traces, and the last place they look to put together a postmortem. Grafana naturally sits at the heart of incident response management, and with Grafana Alerting, Grafana Incident, and Grafana OnCall on Grafana Cloud, we’ve made it even easier to integrate IRM into the Grafana workflows you already know and love.
Grafana Alerting

Manage and take action on your alerts in a single, searchable view

A single Grafana Alerting page consolidates both Grafana-managed alerts and alerts that reside in your Prometheus-compatible data source in one single place. With no need to look at multiple pages for managing alerts, you can improve your team’s ability to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Grafana Incident

Automate the routine tasks of incident management

Let the Incident tool quickly assign roles and document learnings from chat ops/UI with integrations to your favorite tools, such as GitHub, Slack, and Google Suite.

Grafana OnCall

Create and manage on-call schedules

The developer-first workflow enables you to easily create and manage on-call schedules and automate escalations with an intuitive API. Everything is integrated and works with existing alerting sources and monitoring tools.


Work within your toolset

Grafana’s IRM suite seamlessly integrates with your tools for task management, chatops, status pages, and alerts.

It’s easy to get started with Grafana IRM


Connect tools (recommended)

Set up integrations to your favorite apps, such as Slack, where you can add the Grafana Incident chatbot to the relevant channel.


Configure notifications

Decide how each user will receive notifications and create escalations.


Set up on-call schedules and start declaring incidents

Establish on-call schedules within the UI and declare your first drill incident.

For full implementation details and best practices,

Get Grafana IRM with Grafana Cloud

Grafana’s IRM tools are available at no additional cost across all Grafana Cloud pricing tiers.

Cloud Free

Perfect for early stage and small teams looking for Grafana, Grafana Alerting, Grafana Incident, and Grafana OnCall.
  • Grafana Alerting, Grafana Incident, and Grafana OnCall for up to 3 monthly active users
Easiest way to get started

Cloud Pro

Perfect for growing teams for Grafana, Grafana Alerting, Grafana Incident, and Grafana OnCall.
  • Scale usage beyond 3 monthly active users for Grafana Alerting, Grafana Incident, and Grafana OnCall
  • Get access to features such as SSO and reporting

Cloud Advanced

Perfect for global teams looking for Grafana, Grafana Alerting, Grafana Incident, and Grafana OnCall.
  • Easily scale to thousands of users
  • Get access to volume-based discounts
  • Dedicated customer success manager

“This scheduling UX is 100 times better than PagerDuty."

Bruno Da Silva, Software Engineer, Clearco

“Integrating on-call scheduling and paging into Grafana is a really exciting move. Getting on-call notifications and paging integrated closer to the dashboards and data that help developers diagnose and resolve issues will greatly improve on-call workflows."

Nathan Bellowe, Staff Software Engineer


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