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Data Source


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Grafana Infinity Datasource

Visualize data from JSON, CSV, XML, GraphQL and HTML endpoints.

click here for documentation


Detailed documentation and examples are available in plugin website

Docs on how to use JSON API - Docs

Demo video

Known limitations

  • Backend features such as Alerting, Recorded Queries, Enterprise query caching, public dashboards only works if the backend parser option is selected in queries.

Installing Infinity on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

Change Log


🐛 Chore: Updated error source capturing


🚀 Chore: Logging improvements


🚀 Chore: Upgrade grafana-plugin-sdk-go to v0.240.0 from v0.239.0


🚀 UQL: Updated uql library to 0.0.23

🚀 Chore Replaced backend framer libraries from yesoreyeram/grafana-plugins to grafana/infinity-libs

⚙️ Chore: Add error source to error responses

⚙️ Chore: Upgrade grafana-plugin-sdk-go to v0.239.0 from v0.231.0

🐛 Bug fix: Fix showing of correct URL when using query history


⚙️ Chore: backend datasource.serve method migrated to datasource.manage method

🐛 Bug fix: Fixed a bug where filters not working in variables editor


🚀 Time macros: Added custom time macros ${__timeFrom} and ${__timeTo}. Read more about this here.


🚀 URL parameters encoding: Add support for encoding space characters in URLs with %20 instead of +. (Experimental feature)

🚀 Feature: Alias support for the backend summarize option

🐛 Variables Editor: Fixed a bug where column selectors weren't working in variables editor

⚙️ Chore: Backend binaries are now compiled with golang 1.22.3


🐛 Chore update dependencies


🚀 Security New settings to block/allow/warn sensitive queries in the dashboard. Read more about this in the docs.


🐛 Chore UQL dependency updated to 0.0.22 from 0.0.21

📜 Docs Docs website update with play.grafana links


⚙️ Chore: Upgrade grafana-plugin-sdk-go to v0.220.0

🚀 Improvement: Improved health check for azure blob storage connections

🚀 Feature: Support for variables in azure blob storage container and blob name

🐛 Bug fixes: Fixed a bug where AWS authentication doesn't work since 2.5.0-beta.1


🚀 PDC: Added support for grafana private datasource connect (PDC)

🛡️ Security Backend binaries compiled with go 1.22.1 which includes security patches

⚙️ Dependencies update: NodeJS dev dependency updated from Node 18 to Node 20

⚙️ Dependencies update: Updated backend dependencies and plugin SDK update

⚙️ Chore: Replaced gorilla mux library with http.ServeMux from standard library

⚙️ Chore: Removed unused graphql and open-api resource calls


🚀 Chore: Updated health check messages to include details about custom health check settings

🚀 Authentication: Updated digest authentication backend SDK from to

🐛 Analytics: Updated rudderstack analytics events

🐛 Bug fixes: Fixed a bug where query columns editor is unusable when sandbox enabled

⚙️ Chore: Updated the grafana plugin SDK from v0.197.0 to v0.206.0


🚀 Chore: Minimum supported grafana version updated to 9.5.15

🚀 Variables:Added support for variables in the backend parser root selector

🐛 Variables: Better support for variable handling when variable queries have more than 1 column

🐛 Bug fixes: Fixed a bug where variable values were not passed with the nested variable queries

⚙️ Chore: Updated the grafana plugin SDK from v0.193.0 to v0.197.0

⚙️ Chore:Plugin build system migrated from @grafana/toolkit to @grafana/create-plugin

⚙️ Chore: NodeJS dev dependency updated from Node 16 to Node 18


⚙️ Chore: Updated the backend dependencies

⚙️ Chore: Signed the plugin with Grafana Labs signature instead Community

⚙️ Chore: Built and published via drone ci instead github actions


🎉 Infinity datasource plugin is now officially maintained by Grafana Labs. Read more about this in the blog post


⚙️ Chore: Added distributed tracing and contextual logging

🐛 UI Removed graphql variable editor styling


🚀 Proxy: Support for configuring per-datasource proxy url

🚀 GraphQL: Added Support for GraphQL Variables

🐛 OAuth2: Fixes OAuth2 configuration UI crash


🚀 OAuth2: Added ability to set auth style in client credentials

🚀 Azure blob storage: Support for reading content from Azure Blog Storage

🚀 Logs: Added support for visualizing data in logs format

🚀 Trace: Added support for visualizing data in trace format

🚀 Macros: Added support for macros in computed columns and filter expression when used with backend parser

🚀 URL: Support for gitlab blob to raw URL conversion added

🚀 URL: Support for bitbucket blob to raw URL conversion added

🚀 Parser: Added support for explicit boolean parsing in default and backend parsers

🚀 Config Editor: Preview / Sample request added to some authentication types

🛡️ Security: Backend binaries are compiled with golang 1.21.3 which also contains security fixes from previous versions

🐛 UI: Fixed a bug in query editor where buttons were rendered incorrectly

🐛 OAuth2: Applied a fix for the UI crash when editing OAuth2 section in the config editor

🐛 URL normalization: Fixed a bug where some github URLs were interpolated incorrectly. Fixes #604

🐛 Test: Fixed a bug in tests

🐛 Docs: Removed Cmd/Ctrl+F key binding in the docs website in favour of native browser search

⚙️ Chore: Grafana plugin SDK grafana/grafana-plugin-sdk-go updated to v0.174.0 from v0.189.0

⚙️ Chore: Updated backend packages

⚙️ Test More test data/examples added


🎉 Pagination: Added pagination support for json type queries ( backend parser ). Refer this github discussion for more details

🎉 Transformation: Added support for server side transformations via transformations query type. This version supports transformations such as limit, filterExpression, computedColumn and summarize. Refer this github discussion for more details

🚀 Health Check: Added support for custom health check

🚀 Config editor: Updated config editor UI

🐛 Logging: Updated backend logging for improved debugging experience

🐛 docs: updated docs about user agent header

🐛 Logging: Consuming reportInteraction from the @grafana/runtime library for reporting queries

⚙️ Chore: Added changeset to the build/publish pipeline

⚙️ Chore: update grafana backend plugin SDK from v0.159.0 to v0.162.0

⚙️ Chore: Backend binaries are now compiled with Go 1.20.4 which contains security patches

[ 1.4.1 ]

  • UQL Support for pivot function added in UQL
  • Chore Backend binaries are now compiled with Go 1.20.3 which contains security patches
  • Chore Updated frontend dependencies including security security patches

[ 1.4.0 ]

  • Variables Support for custom display values in variables ( using __text and __value as field names )
  • Backend parser Added support for numeric datetime (ex: 20221227 can now be treated as valid datetime with YYYYMMDD format)
  • Global variables Support for global time variables ${__from} and ${__to} in backend queries
  • Bug fix Fixes a bug where variables weren't interpolated with xml/html backend queries.
  • Bug fix Fixed a bug where BOM encoded response weren't parsed correctly
  • Auth Health check validation updated
  • Docs Docs site UI update

[ 1.3.0 ]

  • Auth Added support for AWS authentication using AWS Access and AWS Secret key
  • UQL Support for new methods atob, btoa and substring
  • Chore Backend binaries are now compiled with Go 1.19.5

[ 1.2.0 ]

  • XML Support for backend parser (alerts, recorded queries, public dashboards etc)
  • HTML Support for backend parser (alerts, recorded queries, public dashboards etc)
  • Inline Support for adding and querying reference data globally as alternative to inline data
  • Security Backend binaries are now compiled with latest GoLang version 1.19.3 which fixes CVE-2022-41716
  • Backend Parser Root data selector in the backend parser now supports JSONata
  • Chore Grafana backend plugin SDK updated to latest
  • Chore E2E tests updated

[ 1.1.0 ]

  • Computed fields Backend parser now supports computed fields (beta)
  • Filter Backend parser now supports data filter (beta)
  • Summarize Backend parser now supports summarize into numeric, string and binary fields (beta)
  • GraphQL Support for backend parser (alerts, recorded queries, public dashboards etc)
  • GraphQL Support for GROQ parser
  • CSV/TSV Support for backend parser (alerts, recorded queries, public dashboards etc)
  • Auth Support for Google JWT Token authentication (via guided auth providers)
  • Inline Data Support for importing local files as inline data (experimental)
  • Google Sheets Support for querying data from Google Sheets (beta)
  • UX Reorganized quey fields. URL options such as headers, body, params moved to their own section
  • Help Simplified inline help page
  • Demo Removed demo instance due to pricing changes in heroku. (will figure out alternatives later)
  • Chore Removed unused metrics resource handler

[ 1.0.1 ]

  • Macros/Variables Global variables in queries such as ${},${} and ${__user.login} interpolated correctly in server side
  • Bug fix Fixed a bug where editor crashes when using POST method in variable editor. Fixes #413

[ 1.0.0 ]

New Features & Bug Fixes

  • New Query Type: JSON Backend (with support for alerting)( beta )
  • New Auth Type: Digest auth support
  • New Macro: Support for macros ($__combineValues(),$__customInterval()) added in URL, Body, Inline data, UQL queries
  • New Variable Query Type: Random String from given array of strings
  • URL: More body types supported. (including raw, form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded)
  • UQL: new root level command where added to support basic filters
  • UQL: new method extract added to extract part of the string using regex
  • UQL: new summarize methods countif, sumif, minif and maxif
  • UQL: new methods percentage,split,replace_string,reverse,pack,array_to_map and array_from_entries
  • As-Is: Support for URL when using As-Is format with JSON
  • UX: Variables interpolated in queries when navigating from dashboard to explore page
  • Chore: Updated cypress and improved E2E tests coverage
  • Chore: prometheus metrics resource endpoint added ( experimental )


Authentication & Allowed host URLs

If you are using any APIs/URLs that require authentication, You will now need to specify the list of allowed Host URLs in the config. This change is introduced to allow additional security to your endpoints.

To migrate your existing datasources, add allowed URLs/allowed Hosts in the datasource configuration section. Example: If you are using which require authentication, you will need to add in the allowed hosts list.

If your datasource is provisioned, then you have to add the following to your provisioning yaml file.


If the allowed hosts are not configured correctly, you will get Datasource is missing allowed hosts/URLs. Configure it in the datasource settings page. error when performing the query.

Learn more about this breaking change in the github discussion

Content-Type and Accept headers

The default header values for Content-Type and Accept are changing. The default value for these headers are set as follows

  • For json and graphql types, the Accept will be now set to application/json;q=0.9,text/plain

  • For csv query type, the Accept header will now be set to text/csv; charset=utf-8

  • For xml query type, the Accept header will now be set to text/xml;q=0.9,text/plain

  • For http post methods, the Content-Type header value will be set to Content-Type for json and graphql query types

You can override these headers, in settings/query headers.

Minimum Grafana version update

Minimum required grafana version for the infinity plugin is now Grafana v8.4.7. Though the older versions are expected to work, there may be some minor unexpected issues.

[ 0.8.8 ]

  • UQL: New command jsonata which helps to perform JSONata query over json, xml, csv APIs
  • Chore: More logging added in backend for failure scenarios
  • Chore: Provisioning helper added to the datasource config page which provides datasource yaml for provisioning

[ 0.8.7 ]

  • UQL: New command distinct
  • UQL: New function kv which provide kv pair array from object. (useful when the results are key value format)
  • UQL: New mathematical functions (floor/ceil/round/sign/pow/sin/cos/tan/log/log2/log10)
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where error from the API causing segment violation error (#299)
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where UQL editor throw error sometimes when using grafana versions higher than 8.3.4
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where negative numbers in string were converted to positive numbers (#297)

[ 0.8.6 ]

  • UQL: Now support comments. Any new line starts with # will be treated as comment
  • UQL: New command mv-expand
  • UQL: New functions parse_url, parse_urlquery
  • UQL: Fixed a bug where new line in UQL throws error when queries created from windows systems
  • UQL: keyword suggestions for UQL Query editor

[ 0.8.5 ]

  • Auth: Fixed a bug where custom endpoint params were ignored when using OAuth2 client credentials
  • Auth: Fixed a bug where TLS certs are not loaded correctly

[ 0.8.4]

  • Auth: Dedicated Auth types added for Api key authentication and bearer token authentication
  • Security: Ability to configure allowed hosts for URL
  • YAML: YAML query type support added via UQL. (experimental)

[ 0.8.3 ]

  • UQL: UQL update ( now support summarize by multiple fields, first, last summarizations )
  • XML: Fixed a bug where numbers shown as null when using timeseries format. fix #254

[ 0.8.2 ]

  • XML: Fixed a bug where numbers shown as null when using timeseries format. fix #254

[ 0.8.1 ]

  • Auth: Forward OAuth identity support
  • Auth: OAuth2 Client credentials authentication support - alpha
  • Auth: OAuth2 JWT authentication support - alpha
  • Chore: Query inspector now shows actual data in response meta data. (frame->schema->meta->custom)
  • GROQ: GROQ Query support - alpha

[ 0.8.0 ]

  • TSV: custom query type for tsv files
  • UQL: support for UQL queries
  • Chore: secure query params passed to all requests by default
  • NodeGraph: support for Node Graph panel
  • Chore: basic E2E tests for config editor added
  • Chore: typescript updates
  • "as-is" data format added for debugging
  • comma in the numbers are now ignored and considered as number
  • variable editor, global query editor bug fixes. Previously, unable to add columns in variable editor
  • fixes #191, #146, #210

[ 0.7.10 ]

  • proxy support for outgoing requests

[ 0.7.9 ]

  • Ability to customize timeout

[ 0.7.8 ]

  • Bug fixes, docs update

[ 0.7.7 ]

  • Bug fixes and docs update
  • DEPRECATED : URL field in the datasource config is now deprecated. Use URL in the Query Editor.
  • DEPRECATED : Global queries are now deprecated in favour of Grafana's panel library

[ 0.7.6 ]

  • UnixTimeStamp variable added (alpha)
  • Changed try url to heroku

[ 0.7.5 ]

  • Fixed a bug where data not loading where no column names provided
  • Support auto parse for more JSON types

[ 0.7.4 ]

  • Enabled support for annotations
  • Results return correct frame name. Now returning RefId as frame name.
  • Minimum required version of grafana is now 7.2.0
  • Moved docs to gh-pages

[ 0.7.3 ]

  • Variable editor bug fixes
  • Columnar format support

[ 0.7.2 ]

  • Github URLs normalized
  • Auto find array data

[ 0.7.1 ]

[ 0.7.0 ]

  • Data frame format added
  • Custom secure query strings support added
  • Support for custom headers and query strings in individual queries
  • More CSV options - TSV, optional headers support, custom delimiters, etc
  • Allow variables in root/rows selector
  • Placeholder for migrating into backend plugin
  • Migrated website from vuepress to gatsby
  • Vercel deployment added for website

[ 0.6.1 ]

  • Plugin signed
  • JSONPath support for JSON root selector
  • Auto generate columns for CSV, JSON
  • Support for Unix/epoch seconds format
  • Support for filtering rows
  • Variable Query support
  • Logo updated
  • Published to

[ 0.5.0 ]

  • XML Support

[ 0.4.0 ]

  • Registered / Global Queries
  • UNIX EPOCH / millisecond timestamp format
  • Template variables support. Collection, CollectionLookup and Join variable
  • Bug fixes

[ 0.3.0 ]

  • Authentication support
  • Variables support in query url & data

[ 0.2.0 ]

  • GraphQL Support
  • Mathematical expressions and Random Walk

[ 0.1.0 ]

  • Inline CSV / JSON support
  • Stats / Timeseries format support

[ 0.0.1 ]

  • First working version