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Boom Theme

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Boom Theme Panel

Theme switcher with custom styles / themes for grafana dashboards.




  • Theme switcher
  • Multiple themes per dashboard
  • Theme builder
  • External stylesheets support
  • Add inline styles to themes to override styles
  • Add many themes as possible without rebuilding / restarting grafana
  • Users with view only option can also pick their favourite theme
  • Themes applicable to current dashboard only

Creating Theme

Themes can be created with multiple building blocks like background image, base theme etc.

Base themeThemes can be built on top of default/dark/light theme. Default is Default Theme
Background imageOptional property. Can be blank. If specified more than once, last wins. Value should be valid image URL
CSS urlExternal theme file. Should be valid CSS file URL
Custom Style / CSS OverrideCSS Styles. Should be valid css

Supported Grafana version

This grafana plugin is tested with the grafna versions 6.x. But other versions are also expected to work.


  • When adding external stylesheets, make sure CORS enabled for those domains.
  • To make panel invisible : Modify following theme panel settings:
    • transparent = true
    • title = ""
    • Disable Theme Picker using panel settings
    • Move this panel to the bottom of the dashboard
    • Adjust the height and width if required.
  • This plugin is in very much WIP / dev stage. Expect breaking changes & bugs.

Known issues

  • If any custom plugin is used, dark/light theme switch, base theme will not work for those custom plugins. Refer this github issue

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

0.1.0First version for release
0.0.4Base theme option
Bug fixes (#4)
0.0.3Schema changes (BREAKING)
Option to switch between default dark,light themes
BG Image as theme option
Bug fixes
0.0.2Multiple Themes, Theme picker
0.0.1Base version