Boom Table


Boom table panel for Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus


1.3.1Tags for prometheus and influxdb (EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE)
Replaced circleci with Github Actions
1.3.0More options in display template (Min, Max, Avg, Current, Total etc)
Font awesome icons empty fill
Maths expression in font awesome repeat mode
1.2.1Time range in cell links
Time of last data point stat added
Patterns Quick Editor
Sorting Persisted
Link in first column
Option to modify font size
1.2.0Template variables in row name, col name, link, tooltip, thresholds, colors
1.1.0Colnames in the link
1.0.0Typescript & TSLint implementation
Jest testcases implemented
SASS implementation for stylesheets
Display options improved
Display values can have part of series name
0.5.1Images as values based on thresholds
0.5.0Background Color & Transform value overrides
Bug fixes #43 #44 #45
0.4.7Links in cells i.e., Clickable cells
0.4.6Font Awesome icons as values base on thresholds
0.4.xTime based thresholds
Filter option to hide rows based on value
Option to hide the first column and table header
0.3.xOptions to name the pattern, disable the pattern
Reverse the background colors and transform values in pattern
Removed output data from panel model
Bug fixes
0.2.xBuild script changed from babel to typescript
Assign series alias as row to the default pattern
Bug fixes
0.1.0First working Version
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  • Grafana 4.x.x