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The Pagerduty plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

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PagerDuty Datasource for Grafana

Annotations-only datasource for PagerDuty events.

To configure:

Create a v2 PagerDuty API key, following the instructions here

Paste the key into the API Key configuration field for the PagerDuty datasource.

To use:

Add an annotation to a dashboard normally, selecting the PagerDuty datasource. There are a few filters available to limit the number of results, or the scope.

Filter by service ID (optional)

  • A PagerDuty service represents something you monitor (like a web service, email service, or database service). It is a container for related incidents that associates them with escalation policies. Documentation is available here

Filter by urgency (optional)

  • Urgencies is a feature which allows you to customize how your team is notified based on the criticality of an incident: incidents can be either high-urgency (requires immediate attention) or low-urgency (it can wait).

Filter by status (optional)

  • PagerDuty incidents can either be triggered, acknowledged, or resolved. Please see the PagerDuty documentation for further clarification.

Installing Pagerduty on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.