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<!-- This README file is going to be the one displayed on the website for your plugin --> panel plugin

Geospatial map for large datasets using

Telegram Url Change Log Project Site panel plugin extends basemap config options of Orchestra Cities Map and Grafana Geomap
with different data layer rendering technology. This plugin uses framework at its core and features:

  • Optimized rendering of large datasets using WebGL
  • Composite donut-chart cluster icons layer with fallback to icon layer
  • Pop up for a specific point or cluster with customizable fields
  • Colored thresholds for metrics with pop up labels
  • Parent/child connections line layer with path to root on select
  • Selectable properties for pop up
  • Search for your points by customized fields

Required fields:

  • Coordinates for points in any popular format
  • Metric field if you wish to set color thresholds

Overview Overview2

Usage with PostGis

To use the plugin with PostGis, you need either to query longitude and latitude from a stored Point, e.g.:

  • ST_X(ST_GeomFromEWKT(location_centroid)) AS \"longitude\"
  • ST_Y(ST_GeomFromEWKT(location_centroid)) AS \"latitude\"

Or query the GeoJSON shape, e.g.:

  • ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_GeomFromEWKT(location)) AS \"geojson\"

Usage with CrateDB

To use the plugin with CrateDB, you need either to query longitude and latitude from a stored Point, e.g.:

  • longitude(location_centroid) AS \"longitude\"
  • latitude(location_centroid) AS \"latitude\"

Or query the GeoJSON field, e.g.:

  • location AS \"geojson\"

Installing Mapgl on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



fix: rerender canvas on resize and on change options


Initial release. Repository has a demo provisioned dashboard with mock datasource