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This plugin has been deprecated due to requiring Angular. Consider this alternative Traffic Light panel plugin.

Traffic Lights

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This grafana panel displays traffic lights based on the data source most recent time aggregation. It is possible to tune the thresholds and to limit the number of traffic lights per line. This is the grafana version of the same plugin available for kibana here:

The plugin was tested with Elastic Search 5.5 as data source. The trend is computed between the last and previous date aggregation of the serie.


Copy the dist folder in your grafana plugin directory and rename it to trafficlight.



Traffic Lights Traffic Lights2

Metrics Configuration

Traffic Lights

Panel Options

Traffic Lights


v0.1.2 (13/Oct/2017)

  • Added Units and Digits options
  • Added Trend options
  • Do no longer crash if there is no date histogram aggregation

v1.1.0 (19/Oct/2017)

  • Versions synchronized

v1.2.0 (27/Oct/2017)

  • Panel id renamed to snuids-traffic-lights (Edit your panels plugin id when upgrading from 1.1.0)

v1.3.0 (28/Oct/2017)

  • Threshold validations added
  • Options number fields are now number fields. (Text in previous versions)

v1.4.0 (01/Nov/2017)

  • Options tab hints added

v1.4.1 (21/Jun/2018)

  • Plugin id renamed to match grafana guidelines

v1.4.2 (21/Jun/2018)

  • Fix the editor path

v1.4.4 (09/Aug/2018)

  • Sort by name option added

v1.4.5 (16/Oct/2018)

  • Added option to add link to the traffic light (Raul Melo)
  • Clean some dev console logs (Raul Melo)

V1.4.6 (27/Mai/2019)

  • Added color picker for metric name color

V1.4.7 (17/Sep/2020)

  • Image renderer support
  • Grafana 7 compatibility

V1.5.0 (10/Nov/2021)

  • Turn light off if metric value equal noValueNumber setting

V1.5.1 (11/Jan/2022)

  • Plugin signed

V1.5.2 (19/Feb/2023)

  • Retry to publish on grafana

V1.6.0 (04/Mar/2023)

  • Added the option to color the traffic light via the trend (last - (previous))
  • Added a serie name transformation option

Installing Traffic Lights on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.