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This grafana panel displays radar graphs using the Chart.JS library. (

The plugin was tested with:

  • Elastic Search 5.5 as data source.
  • InfluxDB 1.3.6
  • PostGreSQL
  • MariaDB


Copy the dist folder in your grafana plugin directory and rename it to radarpanel.



  • npm i
  • grunt



Radar Radar Radar

Metrics Configuration

Elastic Search Configuration

The panel datasource must include a single query having the following characteristics:

  • A single group (No date histogram)
  • Two groups (No date histogram)
  • Three groups. In this case the last group is a date histogram (As shown in the following screenshot) The value used is the last time serie point of the aggregation.

Radar Radar

Influx DB Configuration

Note that the checkbox Ingnore TIME (InfluxDB) checkbox must be checked in the Options panel.


PostGreSQL configuration

Note the graph displays the last value of each time serie.


Panel Options



v1.1.0 (19/Oct/2017)

  • First Version Compatible with InfluxDB

v1.2.0 (27/Oct/2017)

  • Panel renamed to snuids-radar-panel. (Edit your panels plugin id when upgrading from 1.1.0)

v1.3.0 (01/Nov/2017)

  • Aspect ratio option added in order to limit the height of the graph

v1.4.0 (10/Dec/2017)

  • PostGreSQL support added

v1.4.1 (12/Dec/2017)

  • Fixed a bug that prevents the graph to be corrrectly displayed when the serie has only one point. (Thx shizacat)

v1.4.2 (30/Sep/2018)

  • Alias option added in order to rename the serie for SQL datasources

v1.4.3 (06/Mar/2019)

  • Merged fremag modifications: New chart options: min, max, step, animation

v1.4.4 (20/Apr/2019)

  • Autoscale option added
  • Tick background can be hidden

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.