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The Sidewinder plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

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Sidewinder Grafana Datasource

Grafana Datasource for Sidewinder Time Series Database

About Sidewinder

Sidewinder is an open source fast time series database designed for real-time analytics. It can be used for a variety of usage cases that need storage of metrics data like APM and IoT. You can learn more about Sidewinder at or

How to build?

To build this plugin:

  1. git clone
  2. cd sidewinder-grafana
  3. npm -g install yarn; yarn install; npm run build
  4. cp -r ./dist /var/lib/grafana/plugins/sidewinder on Linux

How to use?


Make sure you have deployed Sidewinder and have the REST URL available. By default Sidewinder runs on port 8080

Create Datasource

To create a new Sidewinder Grafana datasource:

  1. open Grafana
  2. Click Grafana Icon->Data Sources
  3. Click Add data source
  4. Give the data source a name
  5. Select Type to Sidewinder
  6. Provide the Url to http://sidewinder-host:sidewinder-port/database-name
  7. Leave Access to proxy
  8. [Optional] Configure Basic Auth if authentication is enabled on Sidewinder
  9. Click Add
Note: If you don't have a database created, you can use the _internal database used to store DB's performance metrics

Here's how an example data source should look like: Data Source Create

Create a Query Visually

Sidewinder support visual query building using an editor. There is support for auto-complete for all non-numeric fields (Measurement, Value Field, Tags). Please refer to Sidewinder data model to understand the significance of different concepts.

Note: As of plugin version 0.2.0, Tag Key Value support is added to the Grafana plugin. Sidewinder version 0.0.38+ is needed for Key Value support

Here's how an example Visual Query should look like: Data Source Edit

Create a Query using TSQL

You can also use the Time Series Query Language to create panels. Please note that because Grafana provides the time ranges, you can't provide start and end time in the TSQL string. Please refer to the docs for more details on TSQL.

Here's how an example TSQL Query should look like: Data Source Edit Raw

Create Templates

Because Sidewinder supports TSQL, grafana templated dashboards can be created. You can create auto-complete suggestions for variables:

  1. For FIELD name suggestion simply type measurementname in the "metric name or tag query field"
  2. For TAG suggestion simply type measurementname.* in the "metric name or tag query field"

Here's how an example Templated Dashboard should look like: Data Source Template Edit

Installing Sidewinder on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.