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Status Overview Panel

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Status Overview Panel

Status Overview Panel is an ideological continuation of the Status Panel plugin, written on the latest framework supported by Grafana. The plugin's task is to display the worst status of any component based on various metrics or one of the metrics of that component. In this context, the component can be any server, application, IT system, or anything else you can think of, combining metrics into a single entity. The main feature of the plugin is the visual representation of the component's status changes. We achieve this with a large panel displaying the component's name, the display of all metrics or metrics influencing the status change, as well as a flashing effect when the status changes. Audio notifications are also planned for the future.

More info on github Status-Overview-Panel


Simple work

Installing Status Overview Panel on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.


[v0.0.4] (dev-release)

Released at 17-06-2023


  • Selecting metrics by regular expression
  • Replacing the name of the metric by regular expression


  • Changed error display for duplicate metrics


  • Small fixes

[v0.0.3] (dev-release)

Released at 11-05-2023

  • Initial release.