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Sebastian Gunreben

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CDF - Cumulative Distribution Function

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Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) Panel

If you already know what a CDF is you may skip the next sections and directly jump to the bottom to check out the steps to install this plugin.

What does the CDF panel plugin show?

The CDF panel plugin visualizes the (complementary) cumulative distribution of a given series of values. Statistically speaking, it shows P(x <= X). It shows the frequency/probability P of a certain value "x" to be less than "X".

CDF in action 1

The CDF may be used to quantify the amount of outliers not fitting into the expection of the value distribution.

CDF in action 2


A query responses with the following series:


The time values (t1, t2, t3, t4) are ignored and not processed. Only relevant are the values 1, 5, 3, 2. The probability of a value "x" to be less than X=3 is P(x <= 3) = 0.75 as the values 1, 2, 3 are equal or less than 3 and these are 3 of of 4 values.


If "x" is less than the smallest value of the series, the probability is zero. If "x" is larger or equal to the largest value of the seres, the probability is one.

How to use this panel?

This panel has been developed together with influxdb. However, as the series responds with a "number" series, any other db fulfilling this requirement is fine. Per query, the first "number" field is evaluated.

The panel displays on the x-axis, the value range and on the y-axis the probability from 0 to 1.


This panel allows a flavor of config options:


X-Axis config options

  • Show grid
  • Visualize thresholds on x-axis ..* min threshold with value and label ..* max threshold with value and label
  • Change title
  • Configurable range on x-axis
  • Margins for proper vizualization


Y-Axis config options

  • Show grid
  • Change title
  • Margins for proper vizualization


Display config options

  • Change color per series
  • Change stroke witdth
  • Change to complementary distribution function 1-P(x <= X).


For feature request or bug reporting please use

Learn more

Installing CDF - Cumulative Distribution Function on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • feature: added scaling factor to handle very large/small numbers scaling factor in combination with labeling, makes the x axis more beautiful


  • feature: thresholds on y axis added
  • feature: min/max selection of y axis added


  • version update


  • bugfix: max/min value of data is now dynamically calculated
  • feature: complementary function has been added


  • release to publish


  • bugfix: ShowThresholds with undefined values
  • bugfix: adjustment of label positioning of xaxis labels for Firefox/Chrome
  • addd: knobs to position and size xaxis/yaxis labels nicely
  • plugin is signed
  • updated logo


  • updated README file, fixed links to images
  • bugfix: TitleEditor, MarginEditor with proper handling of default values


  • Initial Release
  • CDF: cumulative distribution function panel plugin