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Redis Explorer

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Redis Explorer plugin for Grafana


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The Redis Explorer is a plugin for Grafana that connects to Redis Enterprise software clusters using REST API. It provides application pages to add Redis Data Sources for managed databases and dashboards to see cluster configuration.


Demo is available on


  • Grafana 8.0+ is required for Redis Explorer 2.X.
  • Grafana 7.1+ is required for Redis Explorer 1.X.

Does Redis Explorer require anything special configured on the Redis Enterprise?

The Redis Explorer can connect to any Redis Enterprise software cluster version 5.4 and later. No unique configuration is required.

Getting Started

Redis Expolorer can be installed from the Grafana Marketplace or use the grafana-cli tool to install from the command line:

grafana-cli plugins install redis-explorer-app


For Docker instructions and installation without Internet access, follow the Quickstart page.

Open Grafana and enable Redis Explorer plugin

Open Grafana in your browser, enable Redis Explorer plugin, and configure Redis Enterprise Software Data Sources.


Redis Enterprise Software Data Source

Redis Enterprise Software Data Source is included in the Redis Explorer plugin and connects to Redis Enterprise software clusters using REST API. For detailed information, look at the Configuration page.



Please look at the Documentation to learn more about the Redis Explorer plugin, Redis Enterprise Software data source, and provided dashboards.


Developing Redis Explorer plugin page provides instructions on building the application and data source plugins.

Are you interested in the latest features and updates? Start nightly built Docker image for Redis Explorer plugin.


We love to hear from users, developers, and the whole community interested in this plugin. These are various ways to get in touch with us:

  • Ask a question, request a new feature, and file a bug with GitHub issues.
  • Star the repository to show your support.


  • Fork the repository.
  • Find an issue to work on and submit a pull request.
  • Could not find an issue? Look for documentation, bugs, typos, and missing features.


  • Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.

Installing Redis Explorer on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

Change Log

2.1.1 (2022-01-18)

Features / Enhancements

  • Rebuild using 8.3.4 (#72)

2.1.0 (2022-01-17)

Features / Enhancements

  • Update to Grafana 8.0.6 (#61)
  • Upgrade to Grafana 8.1.4 (#62)
  • Update node version and add demo at (#63)
  • Update to Grafana 8.2.3 (#64)
  • Return no events found message if no events returned (#65)
  • Add Cluster Alerts and separate them from Overview (#66)
  • Upgrade to Grafana 8.3.0 (#68)
  • Update workflow and add Grafana Marketplace (#69)
  • Update Components naming (#70)
  • Update follow-redirects package and minor updates

2.0.0 (2021-06-24)

Breaking changes

Supports Grafana 8.0+, for Grafana 7.X use version 1.1.0

Features / Enhancements

  • Update Readme to add official Grafana repository (#52)
  • Upgrade to Grafana 8.0.1 (#53)
  • Update dashboards and screenshots for Grafana 8 (#55)
  • Add NgAlert and Plugin Catalog to Docker image with minor doc updates (#58)
  • Update dashboards in the application's menu as pages (#59)

1.1.0 (2021-04-29)

Features / Enhancements

  • Docker image improvements (#43, #44)
  • Add Signing and Master docker build (#45)
  • Upgrade Grafana 7.5.4 dependencies (#46)
  • Update dashboards to Grafana 7.5.4 (#47)
  • Update README and fix LGTM alert (#48)

Bug fixes

  • Remove databases config page (#49)

1.0.0 (2021-02-03)

Features / Enhancements

  • Initial release based on Grafana 7.3.6.
  • Includes Redis Enterprise Data Source.
  • Includes predefined dashboards
    • Enterprise Clusters
    • Cluster Overview
    • Cluster Nodes
    • Cluster Databases
  • Allows to add Redis Data Source for cluster databases