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The Snap plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.



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Snap-app is an experimental application to allow Grafana to function as a web-based frontend for The Snap Telemetry Framework.

Current Features

  • list Snap tasks running on a the Snap daemon
  • start, stop, create and delete tasks
  • list metrics available from plugins loaded into the Snap daemon
  • Stream metrics using the "watch tasks" functionality, where the metrics collected are pushed to a Grafana panel in real time


The app currently includes a Snap datasource.

  • To get started, you will first need to add a datsource of type "Snap DS".
  • In the datasource settings, the URL should be the url of the Snap daemon API (eg. "http://localhost:8181/").
  • Next, on an existing or new dashboard, add a graph panel.
  • In the query editor ensure the "snap" datasource is being used.
  • you can then select an existing task to watch, or create a new task.
    • to create a new task, type the name of the task in the "task name" field
    • select the metrics of interest from the "Metric" field, using the "+" button to add additional metrics
    • on the "actions" line, click "Create" to create the new task.
  • Click the "watch" button on the "actions" line to have metrics pushed to the panel in real time.

Learn More

Snap source and documentation is available on GitHub. We also wrote a blog post using this app.

Installing Snap on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.