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The NetXMS plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

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Grafana datasource for NetXMS open source monitoring system

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The datasource currently provides the following functionality:

  • Visualisation of configured data collection items for objects in graphs and tables
  • Listing of active alarms on a general or a per object basis

Installation instructions:

  1. Deploy netxms-websvc.war to any Java Servlet container of you liking (Jetty9, for example)
  2. Make sure API is working by requesting /info page with your browser

Using grafana-cli:

  1. grafana-cli install radensolutions-netxms-datasource
  2. Restart Grafana server


  1. Clone the repository to your $GRAFANA_HOME/data/plugins/datasources directory
  2. Restart Grafana server


  1. Login to your Grafana web interface
  2. Add the NetXMS datasource in the Data Sources section
  3. Specify API endpoint
  4. Select either "Basic Auth" in the "Auth" section or "With Credentials" if "Browser" access is used

Development instructions

  1. Clone the repository to your $GRAFANA_HOME/data/plugins/datasources directory
  2. run yarn to download and install the required dependencies
  3. run grunt to update for changes in the source

Installing NetXMS on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.