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Pyroscope Grafana Panel Plugin

Important: Grafana version 7.2 or later required

Getting started

  1. Install the plugin (Installation tab)
  2. Install panel plugin
  3. Open Grafana ang go to Configuratin -> Plugins
  4. Check that plugins are available
  5. Set up data source plugin:
    • Configuration -> Data Sources -> Add data source
    • click on pyroscope-datasource
    • Specify Pyroscope host in Endpoint field: endpoint
  6. Set up panel plugin:
    • Add an empty panel on your dashboard
    • Select pyroscope-panel from Visualization list
    • Under panel view in Query tab select pyroscope-datasource
    • In Application name input specify app name
    • Click Apply settings

Congratulations! Now you can monitor application flamegraph on your Grafana dashboard! dashboard

Installing pyroscope-datasource on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Support template variables

1.0.0 (Unreleased)

Initial release.